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Using Color Wheel for Interior Design

Using Color Wheel for Interior Design

Referring to a color wheel design is an integral part of deciding the color scheme for your interiors. The concept of using a color wheel for designing the interiors could be understood by reading this article. Understand how a color scheme works with the help of a color wheel.
Azmin Taraporewala
Imagine life in black and white! Imagine life devoid of colors! Can you imagine? Well, in the first place, I fail to imagine a scenario like this. Colors are souls, that reside in every corner, every nook and every direction. What soul is to man, color is to a room. Naked walls pronounce unpleasant vibes and contribute to making the space look drab. Colors have an innate gift to breathe life in any given space. In an endeavor to make spaces look bright, oozing beauty, a color wheel comes into the frame. When we consider color into this picture of discussion, we complement the color wheel to be an integral part of a form that specializes in ideas for interior design.

Colors and emotions are interrelated. Decorating the house is based on color schemes. It is essential to understand the role that colors play in evoking emotions. Well, colors are required to make the surrounding look lively. Every corner of the house has its own emotion and this comes through in a certain way. The blues and greens emit happy and lively hues, whereas grays may make the room look subtle. Yellow and orange are energetic colors and deliver a sign of merriment and joy. Red gives energy to the surrounding. Bathrooms and bedroom may well have blue and green as their basic color, making the room cozier and warmer. To color spaces in the right manner, one needs to pay attention to shades they choose. A color wheel for interior design is the right assistant to select hues from a complete palette.

What Is a Color Wheel

The color wheel chart constitutes twelve colors. They are divided into three sectors: (1) Primary; (2) Secondary; and (3) Tertiary.

Primary Colors
They are true colors that cannot be created by mixing with any other color. They are used to create all the other colors. Primary colors are:
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
Secondary Colors
They are colors created by amalgamating primary colors. Secondary colors are:
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Violet
Tertiary Colors
They are colors created by mixing a primary and secondary color.
  • Yellow-orange
  • Red-orange
  • Red-violet
  • Blue-violet
  • Blue-green
  • Yellow-green
The color wheel chart can pronounce which colors will work well together. The color wheel is an extremely important component as this helps an individual decide which color scheme will aid in making the room perfect. You could choose a color for interior decorating that gives the room an air of sophistication leading to making the space appear 'lived in'.

How Do You Choose the Color Combination

There are certain guidelines that you must follow in order to understand what color combination will be suitable for the space.
  • Put yourself on priority. Ask yourself which colors are the ones that you truly prefer, or rather are your favorites.
  • Refer to certain books that may help you understand what colors in the actual, mean. When you comprehend the color scheme you would love to see your walls wear, it would be a great change for your senses.
  • Take inspiration. Well, your show pieces can actually be the perfect ideals, while you consider painting your walls.
  • Don't pound on all your rooms and color them in one single shade. You can do better! Use the color palette and get to work. You are bound to make mistakes, so don't expect perfection.
An example of paints that could be the perfect solution to get colors of your choice on your walls, is to use a paint that offers you a wide variety of painting solutions. A color wheel for interior design offers you textures and shades like never before. You get supreme paint finishes such as satin, flat, gloss, semi-gloss, and matte. You could choose to have paints such as eggshell paints to provide your walls with a 'gloss and matte' midway paint.

So, what are you waiting for? Color your walls, and your emotions with the right paint and spell charm in the spaces you reside!