Color Schemes for Small Bathrooms

A small bathroom can be made to look spacious if the colors of the tiles or walls are thought of in advance and expertly coordinated. Read ahead to know more.
Aastha Dogra Jan 11, 2019
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Bathing has become a source of relaxation to calm one's mind and body after a grueling day at work. That is why, while designing the interior, a lot of stress is laid on bathroom decor, as well.
When it comes to designing a bathroom, one can experiment with creativity if the space is large enough. However, designing and painting a small bathroom is always a problem. If the paint or design choice is a little over the top, a small bathroom can start looking cramped. Thus, it is important to pay a lot of attention when selecting a paint palette.

Light Colors

It is known that dark colors can make any space look small, while lighter ones can give the illusion of a much larger space.
So, when selecting paint colors for a small bathroom, go for light, pastel or neutral shades. Colors that can safely be used are pink, light blue, warm green, gray, beige, lavender and lilac. These colors will give a bathroom an airy, relaxed and calm feel, thus, enhancing your bathing experience.

Sans White

Avoid white when choosing colors. While white is supposed to be a classic color, it can make walls look bare. Avoid this color if you want your bathroom to look as pleasing and attractive as any other room in your house.

Receding Ceiling

If you want to make a bathroom space look bigger, paint the ceiling in a reflective color, such as sky blue. Light blue gives the illusion of the sky and thus, the ceiling looks more receded than it actually is. Another idea is to paint clouds in white or gray on the ceiling. This helps in lending more space.

Complementary Accessories

Accessories like towels, curtains, dustbins and soap dispensers for small spaces, should complement the paint palette. The bathroom can look congested with too much of contrast, making the accessories stand out.
The same goes for tile colors as well. Ideally, the tiles should be of the same color as the wall paint. This way, the division between them will be blurred or not so obvious, giving your bathroom a large, spacious feel. You can also create a layering effect in the bathroom by using different hues of the same color for the accessories, tiles and wall paint.

Decor Ideas

Other useful ideas that you can use are:
  • Hanging a large mirror on one of the walls so that it reflects light in the bathroom.
  • Installing sliding doors instead of a regular one, so that there is no additional space required for a door that swings open.
  • Having a pedestal sink instead of a regular countertop sink.
  • Doing away with bathroom accessories that are unnecessary and create clutter, i.e, eliminating the unnecessary accessories.
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