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Color Schemes for Orange Walls

Color Schemes for Orange Walls
Cheerful, passionate, energetic, and warm, orange is all this and so much more! Do you want to include this bold color in your living room or bedroom? Are you looking for some decorating ideas for orange walls? Look no further, as we tell you some interesting color schemes for orange walls, in this DecorDezine post.
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Choose from varied shades of orange like terracotta,cayenne, persimmon, salmon, melon, pumpkin, mango, etc. Basically, there's an orange for every wall!
Orange, the color of passion, fire, sun, and all things bright! This color of happiness is becoming very popular in fashion, makeup, and of course home decor. As we break conventions and go beyond the creams, browns, whites, or blacks when decorating home, more and more people are welcoming this fresh color.
Orange sure can be a tricky color, and you need to balance all the elements to create the right effect. This color is a show stealer, and you can have a single wall with this bold color or accents of this color on different walls. The right color scheme will make your orange walls look all the more attractive, and keep the compliments pouring in.
Through this DecorDezine post we give you some color schemes and decoration ideas for orange walls.
Orange + Blue + Green
orange wall with blue green decor
Blue and orange are complementary colors on the color wheel, no doubt they look so good! Add some green to the combo, and you get the perfect color scheme. The blue and green balances out the brightness and boldness of the orange wall, to give a trendy look to your living room. A little touch of white helps to tone down the colors.
Orange + Gray
dull orange and gray decor
If too much brightness is not your cup of tea, then gray will be your go-to color. The orange-gray color scheme is very balancing. Don't go for a very tangy orange shade though, terracotta or mango goes well with gray. You can also use a little white or black, but don't bring in any more colors to the picture.
Orange + Black + Red
orange black living room deco
We all know how good black and red look. Though orange and red are very close in the color wheel, they don't clash with each other. This color scheme works really well, and it has got a very young vibe to it. Keep the red minimal, and let orange steal the show. See how the black sofa beautifully balances both the fiery colors.
Orange + Pink + Gray + Green
colorful living room with orange wall
Just because orange is a bold color doesn't mean you need to stick to neutral colors. You can, in fact should, involve more colors. This color scheme is the perfect for all those who like it a little bright and colorful. The pink, orange, and green scheme works wonders, and a little gray brings subtlety to this vibrant combination.
Orange + More Orange
living room orange wall and decor
Look how welcoming and warm this living room looks. Well, if that is the effect you want, then go for different shades of orange. Right from the sofa to the curtains, use all colors from the orange family. Don't just stick to one shade of orange throughout, as your room may end up looking too monotonous. This color scheme is suitable for living rooms only. It can be too fierce and stimulating for bedrooms.
Single Orange Wall
bedroom with a single orange wall
Since orange is such a stimulating color, having all the walls of your bedroom painted in bright orange may be a little disturbing when sleeping. You can go for very light orange or have a single orange-colored wall as shown above. See how the black and white beautifully balance the orange ascents to create a harmonious atmosphere.
Orange + Black + White
kitchen with orange wall
Having orange color in your kitchen is a good idea, as this color increases appetite. Orange walls with white or cream cabinets look very classy. The black, white, and orange combination works really well, to give a vibrant yet elegant effect.
Now this color doesn't seem that tricky, right? Your personal taste will matter the most, as orange can be a little overwhelming for some people. A small dose of this exciting color can be a good start!
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