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Closet Ideas for Small Spaces

Closets are a must, no matter how small your room is. If the space that is available is used wisely, you can fit a decent-sized closet in your room and still be left with a lot of free space as well. This article gives you clever tips for closet installation in smaller rooms.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Closets are undoubtedly an essential item in every household. Large, walk-in closets with a built-in full-sized mirror, is on everybody's wish list. However, most of us have to content ourselves with custom-made or ready-to-install wardrobes. Building a closet of your dreams can be particularly difficult if you have very little space for setting it up. However, if you manage to use the space in an intelligent way, you can easily build a closet that functions as good as a large one. Use the following ideas to help you get started.
Use Maximum Vertical Space
A small room cannot put restrictions on the vertical usage of space. Making use of vertical space from ceiling to floor can allow you to store a plethora of items. Roll-out boxes are apt for storage at floor level, whereas shelves and compartments are suitable for hanging clothes at higher levels. If your ceiling is fairly high, you may have a closet pole at the highest level. This space can be used for storing items that are rarely used. Usually, it is wise to use less accessible spaces for storing off- season items, ones that you only use once in a while.
Space confinement can also put restrictions on the available natural light. Moreover, you will also need good illumination at night, in absence of natural light. The source of light should be located at a position where it enables you to look at the things inside the closet. If you have a light source behind you, you will cast a shadow inside the closet, making it difficult to take a look at its contents. Thus, ideally you should have a light source between you and closet, so that you can clearly view its contents.
The key to better utilization of available closet space lies in better organization of its contents. For instance, rolling socks occupies less space than bunching them. Similarly, you should store items depending upon the frequency of their usage. Items used most frequently should be stored at the eye level, so that you can easily access them. Items used less frequently should be stored at bottom level, whereas the items you can do without, can be stored at top levels.
Special attention needs to be given to the flooring of the closet as well. Due to a small space, you might find it difficult to clean it regularly. Hence, you might want to use a type of flooring that does not gather too much of debris. Carpets may not be your ideal option as it can be very difficult to vacuum inside a small closet. If you must, go for vinyl carpets as they are easier to clean and do not tend to gather dust. However, wood is the most apt option.
Apart from the built-in shelves, compartments, and roll-out boxes, you may opt for folding laundry tables or collapsible shelves, wherein you can store additional items. Adjustable compartments help you divide and organize your contents properly. Similarly, fitting rods for hanging ties and belts can be an added advantage. Increasing the number of accessories and using versatility options like sliding, folding, rolling are some great closet solutions for small spaces.
Space confinement and lack of air may lead to growth of mildew and mold in your closet. Hence, protect it and its contents by taking necessary precautions.