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Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain

Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain
Finding the perfect clawfoot tub shower curtain is the dream of every owner of a clawfoot tub. Find some great tips on buying the right one.
Puja Lalwani
Claw foot tub in white bathroom
A clawfoot tub only spells elegance with its wonderful, classic style and shape. While it has always been used for baths, a lot of people are now adding showers to it in order to be able to make it serve a dual purpose. While a bath does not necessarily require a shower curtain, a shower definitely does.
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In an open tub like a clawfoot tub, having a shower curtain becomes more important, because it is likely that water will be spilled out from all directions. Knowing how to pick a clawfoot tub shower curtain then becomes necessary. Here, we give you tips on picking out the right curtain, with some ideas on using these.
Choosing a Curtain
Claw foot bathtub
Because of the shape of a clawfoot shower tub, it is important that you look for a curtain that fits its requirements.
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Before purchasing one, you must h_ave an appropriate curtain rod in place. If it is a freestanding tub, it is likely to require an oval rod.
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On the other hand, if it is against a wall, you may choose a rectangular or a three-sided rod. Further, the rod may be ceiling mounted or wall mounted. Based on the kind of rod you have, you will decide the width of the curtain you need.
A standard shower curtain for a clawfoot tub is usually 180 inches in width with a standard height of 70 inches. It should easily go around the rod and cover the bathtub entirely in order to protect the floor from any spillage. In essence, you need an extra-wide shower curtain so that it fits the circumference of your tub.
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The height of the curtain should ideally be as long as the top of the legs of the tub. The shower curtain should also have a liner of the same width and height, as this is the best solution to prevent excess spillage. Ideally, these shower curtains should have specific roller ball curtain rod rings in order to turn around the shower conveniently without spoiling the curtain rod.
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It is important that you buy a thick, heavy liner along with a basic curtain in order to prevent it from clinging to you. A lot of people have worked around this clingy problem they have suffered from by attaching magnets to the base of the liner that sticks to the tub.
This way, the liner remains in place and you can have a comfortable shower in your clawfoot tub. Now, not all clawfoot tubs are made of iron and some may be made of other materials such as acrylic. In that case, simply get a heavy shower curtain liner in order to keep it weighed down and away from you.
These are the basics of purchasing a clawfoot tub shower curtain. A lot of people make their own, because they fail to find what they are looking for. This again is a challenging task, because you have to take the correct measurements, find the right fabric, and put the entire curtain together yourself. Unless you are a skilled person, do not try it yourself. The process is only likely to lead to wastage of fabric, and your time.
Enhancing the Appearance
Antique bathtub with shower curtain
Clawfoot tubs are usually traditional and vintage looking, which is why before thinking about the curtains, thinking about the bathroom décor is a good idea. 
The theme of the bathroom they are placed in should ideally match the style of the tub. With that in place, there are numerous beautiful designs to choose from at stores around you. There are still some ideas that you can incorporate in your shower curtains.
  • Apart from the basic curtain, you can add a valance to the shower curtain rod to give the entire tub a very traditional but rich look.
  • In order to increase the weight of the curtains, consider adding plastic lace borders at the bottom of the curtains. Not only do these give a decorative look, they also weigh down the curtains easily.
  • If you use a narrow curtain rod, you can give your tub a tent or a canopy like effect. Regal, isn't it?
  • Choose curtains with light designs to give off the authentic vintage appearances.
Finally, if you simply can't find what you want, you may have your shower curtain custom-made to exactly what you want it to be. With these tips on buying the right curtain, you can have an enriched and comfortable bathing and showering experience. Enjoy!