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Cheap Wall Decor Ideas

Cheap Wall Decor Ideas
There are many inexpensive options to transform an otherwise boring room into a lively one. Here are some ideas and options that will suit your budget.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Dec 06, 2018
Bored with the existing wall color of your bedroom? Wish to add up some color and life to your old home? Thousands of ideas might have popped in your mind, but your budget may not permit you to have a complete remodeling.
In that case, you can simply change the wall decorations to create an altogether different look. Here are some of the best ideas to consider while remodeling your home.
Inexpensive Wall Decorations
Wall hangings or tapestry is one of the most popular ways to decorate a wall. Although you admire it and long for it, it may not always suit your budget. But, worry not, try these ideas.
Bedroom interior
Make a dramatic makeover by choosing bright or altogether different colors for the wall. From the dull beige and yellow, you can go for purple, orange, or teal, and see the difference.
Secondly, try different paint types like glaze or splash painting for a unique look. You can also ask kids to paint their own wacky designs on the walls of their bedroom.
Homemade Murals
Bird Flowers Piece Of Mural
Painting on an entire wall is a great deal, but, you can even cut stencils of your favorite designs, trace them on the wall, and then paint accordingly. Go for a smaller design in the beginning. Flowers, animals, pop art, abstract art, are some popular options.
Indoor Plants
If you wish to add a bit of greenery inside your home, why not go for indoor plants. There are hundreds of varieties available in the market. You can even buy seeds and plant your own plants.
Go for tall indoor plants placed in fancy pots to cover the maximum height of the wall. On the other hand, use indoor creepers using decorative nails or bars to hold them.
Chalkboard/ Maps
kid with chalkboard
If you have kids at home, then install a chalkboard or cover half the wall with chalkboard paint so that kids can use it for art or for studies. Other practical idea is to fix a world or a country map on the wall.
Thinking girl
You can make your own collage of photographs and place it at the center of the wall. Secondly, you can also make your own photo frames at home or paste all colored photographs on a black construction paper and hang them on nails on the wall.
You can change the photographs after a few months and put on new ones to have a new wall decoration.
You can find raw material for any of these ideas online or at the local market. You can also come up with your own ideas using any existing artwork, souvenirs, scrap, paint, old pictures, etc., at home. Lastly, note that, after all, decoration is all about creativity! Good luck!