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Tips to Find Cheap Vinyl Mini Blinds

Rutuja Jathar Sep 29, 2018
Vinyl mini blinds are a cheaper option to curtains. They are becoming some of the most popular window treatments today. This article lists some of the advantages of these blinds and instructions on installing them.
Vinyl mini blinds were discovered in the 80s. With time, they became easier to use and offered a good variety for a reasonable price. These blinds are the best option if you are planning to install them in waterfront homes and in humid areas like kitchens and bathrooms.
Their best feature is their splines which prove to be very useful to block sunlight out and provide privacy. They are unbreakable, easy for installation and safe from sun-bleaching.
The only drawback is that they are not very insulating. Vinyl blinds are made up of shiny hard plastic that makes them more durable and easy to clean.



The sleek tone of these blinds gives a classy look to your home. They also easily blend with your interior without making major changes to your furniture. The mini blinds are available in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes.
You can install different types of blinds in different rooms. Doing so will help you to maintain the uniqueness of each room. These blinds are specially designed in contemporary styles such as with pearl and suede finishing which makes them more versatile.


Most people go for vinyl blinds because they are cheaper than curtains. Mini blinds are the best choice to decorate your home on a low budget without compromising on style. These blinds are the best treatment your window can get. They are available in vertical, slatted, and solid blind varieties.


The attractive colors can do wonders to any d├ęcor. The slates are available in any size & can be customized as per the requirement. They are attached together with a string and so, can be angled easily, allowing the sunlight to enter the room through the parallel openings. When they are angled flat, they completely block the sunlight out and the view also.
A plastic rod present at the upper corner of the blinds is rotated to open or close them. The cords are to lift the blinds completely. These blinds do not need to be lifted up all the way for a view outside. The motoring slated blinds are also available, but not at a very affordable price.

Buying and Installation

The vinyl mini window blinds are available all around the world. They come in variety of colors and rich textures.
You can opt for any color that matches your room's theme. They are easily available at any popular home solutions store. All you have to do is take the correct measurement of the window that you want to install the blinds on. Some vinyl blinds are known to contain an excessive amount of lead that can be harmful to children and pregnant women.
You can install the blinds available with the plastic sleeves on your own. With the help of a good electric screwdriver you will need to screw in those sleeves on top of the window; with the opening facing you, and then place the top of the mini blind on those plastic sleeves. It is essential to use the sleeves to ensure proper movement of the blinds.