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Cheap Room Dividers

Cheap Room Dividers
Do you own an apartment that is comfortable but does not give you much privacy when guests come over? This problem can be solved by using inexpensive room dividers. To know more about such dividers read on..
Deepa Kartha
Last Updated: Feb 25, 2019
People who live in apartments or small houses often face the problem of less space. Their house may have a large living room with a small dining area at the corner of the room. There is no extra space for a library or an office/a study.
To add more rooms, building a wall may not always be a feasible idea. However, with proper planning and creativity, one can create more rooms by using aesthetic partitions.
Room dividers are available in different varieties and styles. However, these partitions can prove quite expensive and if you have a tight budget, they would not be viable for you. To overcome this problem, some people use furniture to divide rooms. One can also buy inexpensive dividers from garage sales and other sales.
Though they are meant to partition a room, it has to be something that goes well with the d├ęcor of your room/house. First thing is to take measurements of the room you want to partition. This will help you in selecting a divider that fits.
Let us look at some inexpensive room divider options that would not only serve a useful purpose but at the same time add beauty to your surroundings.
Folding Screens
Pink folding screen
Folding screens are the most common options. They are available in a wide variety of styles and materials. Folding screens can be obtained in 4 - 5 screens and are attached to each other with the help of hinges.
The best thing is that they are temporary dividers and can be pulled down as and when you wish. The frames of these folding screens are available in different types of materials, like, wood, glass, bamboo, plastic, etc. The screens are made of cloth or of some other material. You can find a lot of design options, like, scenery, portrait, landscape, etc.
If you want a room divider that separates your living room from your office or study room, you can choose a folding screen that has a bulletin board. Another option is a photo room divider, which holds your special photographs and at the same time gives you an extra room.
Bookcase or Showcase
Bookcase divides dining room
Bookcases as a room divider not only partitions your room, but also doubles up as storage space. They are available in a variety of styles, sizes, where you can showcase books and store clothes, toys, etc. Opt for a bookcase in wood, metal or plastic.
Empty hospital ward
Curtains are a simple and ideal option if you are looking for hanging room dividers. You can make room screens with the curtains that you already have or use bed sheets.
Fix a curtain rod or a wire at the place where you want to have your divider. The biggest advantage of a curtain room divider is that they are not permanent and can be removed whenever you do not want them.
Constructing a Room divider
Another option is to make one yourself. Look out for shops or sales that sell unfinished or used wood. You can cut the wood as per the number of sections you want and attach hinges to connect them. You can paint and adorn them with photographs, portraits, paintings, etc.
Before buying a room divider, check out places where there is a sale going on or where second hand furniture is sold. At these places you can surely get hold of some things that can act as dividers at very low prices. You can also use your creativity and imagination to decorate the dividers to beautify the look of your home.