Cheap Glass Vases

Puja Lalwani Dec 21, 2018
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A lot of people believe in making use of inexpensive glass vases as decorative elements. They are also used as centerpieces for weddings and other occasions.
Vases are vases, whether cheap or expensive. Yes, the quality matters, but you should know how to decorate them in a manner that will add to their aesthetic appeal. They add beauty when used as center table pieces or as basic decorative purposes.

Using Vases for D├ęcor

Glass vases can be decorated and utilized in unique ways. With inspiration and creativity, the simple, inexpensive glass vase can be turned into a piece of art.
Start by choosing the shape of the vase you wish to purchase.
It could be tall and cylindrical, square or rectangular, globular, tear drop shape, test tube shape, or in various other shapes. There are a lot of cheap glass vases for wedding centerpieces that are available in irregular shapes and sizes.
A fish bowl or a globular vase can be filled with a lot of interesting elements. You may have already such vases being filled with pebbles and colored stones.
While these are universal favorites, think a little out of the box, and fill up a vase with wood shavings. These have a beautiful, earthy decorative quality about them. For an additional element, you could place a small tray within the vase, with a tea-lite or a small candle in it.
For those of you who love collecting shells, there is now a place to use your huge collection. Like the wood shavings, you could also adorn a vase with shells.
For further interest, layer your vase with sand and shells, and see how beautiful they look. Place this vase next to a water feature (such as a fountain, if you have one) in your home. These can also be used as cheap wedding centerpieces. You can also paint the shells in different colors, and see how beautiful they look.
This idea is less than outrageous, but definitely out of the mundane. Decorate your vases with dried orange and lemon peels, and add a few fresh or artificial green leaves in it for a contrast. This is a wonderful, refreshing sight for the eyes. Place it on your dining table.
Fresh flowers such as carnations with tall leaves, and the chopsticks protruding a little will not make your vases look cheap anymore.
If you happen to get hold of cheap glass vases that are as thin as test tubes and taller, then adorn them with a single flower each in different colors.
Finally, painting your clear glass vases is a great way to use them as decorative elements for your interiors. Place gorgeous flower arrangements of simple white or yellow flowers, for the ultimate effect.
Knowing how to decorate them can make your vases look as pricey as the expensive versions you may have seen at different stores or in your favorite catalogs.