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Chalkboard Paint Ideas

Chalkboard Paint Ideas
Chalkboard paint is a versatile product that can be beautifully used for the purpose of interior decoration. Here are some ideas on using it creatively.
Puja Lalwani
Chalkboard paint has transcended its traditional use to paint a blackboard, and has made its way into the world of interior designing and decoration. This unique paint is used to decorate absolutely anything, from bare walls to doors, to jars in the kitchen, to refrigerators. With a paint that is so versatile and accommodates the use of chalk freely without harming any other surface, there are numerous ways in which it can be used creatively. Drawing inspiration from here, there, everywhere, recreate these beautiful objects for the purpose of decoration.

Decorating Ideas with Chalkboard Paint

Using chalkboard paint is very easy, and works well on almost any surface. Wood and metal, along with walls, are ideal surfaces to use this paint. Just ensure that you smooth the surface with sandpaper if it is uneven, to attain the right effect. Also use a primer on a wooden surface to prevent the absorption of paint when it is applied. Once you have done this, implement any of the following ideas.
  • Use it on walls to create artistic pictures. For instance, you could highlight the corner where two walls meet with a vine, or a tree with bare branches and owls sitting on them. Try to make a garden of flowers with different colors that the paint is now available in, or simply depict birds flying in the sky.
  • Paint a specific design that you like on a wall with magnetic chalkboard paint. Then highlight the edges of the objects in the painting with beautiful magnets of different colors. Not only is this a great idea, it adds a third dimension to your painting and brings it to life.
  • The paint can be used on trays too, and when carrying it for tea, you can mark out the various flavors of tea by directing them on the chalkboard. Further, you can use the same tray as a memo board in the kitchen, or as a decorative wall hanging (that you can keep updating) in your dining room.
  • On a wall, paint four squares at an equal distance and place wooden frames of different colors around the squares. Keep adding elements on these squares to make them look like realistic, exquisite pieces of art. Again, simply by using magnetic paint, you can use magnets to frame these artistic squares and keep changing them every time you get sick of them. Simple way to fulfill your interior decorating endeavors, isn't it?
  • Paint a small portion of different jars with such paint and write the contents of the jar on that space. It will save you the time of looking through each jar, and will allow the jar to be used to store different contents without having to change the label again and again.
  • Cut pieces of wood into various shapes of small sizes and paint them with chalkboard paint. Decorate them a little with chalk, and run a thread through the wood, which will allow these medallions to hang on a decorative wall in your home. Use these to communicate special messages with your family, or simply use them as reminders for yourself.
  • Another popular use is to make a checkered pattern on walls which can serve as a calendar for different months. Make the squares large so you can also put down your to-do list for the day. Another way in which this pattern can be used is to create a chessboard on walls. While the checks will remain, you can keep playing chess on the wall with your favorite colored chalk!
  • Painting an entire wall, or the back of the bedroom door, or the closet doors of your kid's room will give her/him the freedom to scribble on walls without damaging them. In fact, these spaces will serve as a medium by which your little ones can showcase their artistic talents. Paint a driveway, or a fence, or any other element that will give your child the inspiration to complete this picture her/himself. You could also paint the tables in your little one's room so that she/he won't leave behind a mess while having fun!
  • Paint old wine bottles with such paint, and further decorate them with chalk colors of your choice. Use these as decorative elements in your living room, and they can serve as a great piece of conversation with a new design every time someone visits.
The beauty about chalkboard paint is that it allows you to explore, learn, and make mistakes while coming up with some great artwork. Further, the use of this paint allows for change, and is a great option for those who get sick of the same sight over and over again. Use these ideas to derive inspiration and come up with some great ideas for different areas of your home!
White wall with crayon drawings
Summer List on blackboard