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Chairs for Elderly

Chairs for Elderly

To make life comfortable for the seniors, there are numerous chairs for elderly each serving a unique purpose. These chairs not only make everyday life easy for the elders, but also makes routine life enjoyable and safe. The following article provides information about the different types of chairs that are beneficial for the elder people.
Indrajit Deshmukh
Changes in posture are common in old age. With old age the bone density and the mineral content of the bones also decrease. Apart from this, the joints become stiffer and less flexible. These factors together make seemingly simple tasks like sitting on a chair difficult. Taking assistance in simple tasks like moving around the house, taking a shower, or getting up from a chair may hurt a person's self-esteem at times. In such conditions specifically designed chairs are a great help for the elderly people. These chairs provide support and comfort to seniors in their daily chores. Comfort chairs and recliner chairs for the elder people play a vital role in making life at home easy for the seniors. Chairs for elderly create a risk-free and comfortable environment, which plays a supporting role by assisting and providing comfort to the senior members.

Electric Lift Chair

An electric lift chair may assist a person to safely get up from a sitting position with the help of a motorized mechanism fitted at the base of the chair. These motorized chairs can be easily operated by the person sitting on them, to get to a standing position with just a push of a button. The motor and arms attached at the bottom of the chair swivel in slow motion to lift the chair in such a way that standing up from the chair becomes easy for the person. This provides for people affected with conditions like arthritis and other physical disabilities. These chairs are available in vibrant colors and different shapes to suit a persons taste. They may be custom-made to accommodate your weight and size.

Stair Lift

The stair lifts are a great solution for elder people who have difficulty climbing the stairs. A stair lift is a chair mounted on a rail that is fitted on the wall adjoining the stairs. The chair moves along the rail with the help of hydraulics or electric motor thereby helping people with disabilities. The person using the stair chair lift is in complete control of the motion of the chair, and can decide the direction and speed of the movement. The stair lift is also beneficial in avoiding injuries to people, which might occur while climbing the stairs unassisted. These chairs can be fitted on a curved staircase as well. There are several custom-made applications that you can fit on these chairs to better suit your need.


Wheelchairs have been known to play an integral role in assisting the movement of the elderly and disabled for years. One of the most common version of the wheelchair design is the frame of a chair with two big wheels and a platform to rest the legs. These chairs may be used by the individual sitting on the chair, by moving the wheels with hands, or with the help of someone pushing the chair from behind. This basic version has seen some customization over the years, with the introduction of electric-powered wheelchairs. The electric version offers more mobility and freedom to a person who is incapacitated or lacks the strength to operate a manual wheelchair.

Most injuries to the seniors seem to happen in the bathroom because of the wet and slipper floor. To avoid such accidents, there are shower chairs available in the market which make the trips in the bathroom safe. These chairs not only make life safe for them, but also gives them greater mobility and comfort.
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