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Essential Pointers to Choose Good Chair Cushion Covers

Mamta Mule Apr 23, 2019
Wondering how to spruce up dull old chairs consisting of removable cushions? Well, changing the cushion covers is the simplest way to play up the beauty of such furniture items in least cost and with minimal efforts. Here's more about the array of options available for refreshing the chair cushions.
There are a number of indoor and outdoor furniture items that consist of removable cushions graced with fancy covers. Relaxing chairs placed in your patio, lounge chairs placed beside the pools and even the beautiful chairs placed in your living and dining spaces might consists of separate cushions for base and backrest.
Well, if you have such furniture items in your interior and exterior spaces, then here's some useful information about the chair cushion covers which can help you keep the pieces and furniture items up-to-date.

All About Covers

After you purchase such a piece of furniture which includes one or more cushions, you might hardly think of changing the covers. While in some cases, furniture items come with specific covers, in other cases you have a choice of adding desired type of covers to the cushions.
Covers might be left ignored while you have chair with plush design. It is not only essential to keep these covers clean, but also keep them updated to match with rest of the decor. Also you can change them while thinking of cushion replacement.
Dull and old living room or dining room covers need to be replaced soon to avoid bland looking home furnishings. Fresh and beautiful covers are enough to spice up your interiors. So here are the options in indoor and outdoor covers which you can consider.

Choices Available

The simplest and most popular type of cushion covers for cushions are slip covers. As the name suggests, you simply need to slip-in your cushion in a slip cover and have it ready to use. Most of the slip covers come with buttons or laces. The latest designs in these are also available in invisible zippers.
Another latest type of cover is the one made of stretchable material. This one is also a slip cover which is made slightly smaller than the actual dimensions of cushion. Being stretchable, it rightly fits on the cushion, hence does not need zippers or laces.
Most of the covers also come with added laces which can help secure the piece to the chair. With laces tied to the base, it won't move when you relax on the chair. Similarly, cushions for backrest also have laces which are tied back so that the cushion stays in place while you sit on the chair and even while no one is using this chair.

Design Options

No matter which type you opt for, the same has to look great and also offer required comfort. Buying a cushion cover that is made of skin-friendly materials is a smart idea. So cotton covers remain the top picks in this section. You can also opt for lovely pieces made of raw silk or satin which are best ones to jazz up patio chairs.
Often simple chair covers are used for base and backrest cushions and bright, contrast colored throw pillows are added to each chair to create a rich effect. You can grab the satin chair covers which come in lovely floral prints and dark shades. Those having a dual toned look are also the best for complementing grand decor.
Stripes are a favorite of many individuals when it comes to dressing up the chair cushions. Plain covers in rich fabrics and even those textured fabrics have their own charm.
With lovely cushion covers used to grace the chair pillows you can successfully heighten the beauty of your interior or exterior furniture.
Choosing colors and fabrics that will blend well with the surrounding decor is much important part of the whole shopping exercise. All the best!