Ceramic Tile Shower Ideas

Geeta Dhavale Dec 20, 2018
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These ceramic tile shower ideas will help you enhance the look of your bathroom and make it a unique piece of interior of your lovely abode.
Shower area is an important part of the bathroom. Having a look at it always tempting when the house is beautiful. And why not, it defines your personality and attitude. A wrongly designed shower room can immediately put off people. So it is important that you invest a significant amount of thought and money into your shower designs.
When it comes to showers, ceramic tile flooring is one of the best options you can experiment with, as ceramic tiles are available in various sizes, shapes, designs, and price ranges. These ideas will tell you how ceramic shower and bathroom tiles can be used to beautify the shower area.

Simple and Sweet

If you are someone who does not like to experiment with offbeat and loud things, then simple ceramic tile shower designs are the ideal choice for you.
 You can choose classic white tiles or other light colors that suit your taste perfectly. You can also go for tiles with decent and minimal delicate designs that would help you break the monotony.
Apart from this, you can also go for textured tiles that look simple yet very classy. Another advantage of simple ceramic tile is that they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

Royal and Elegant

If you have this big bathroom with a bathtub, you have a lot of scope to explore your creativity. However, you would also require a big budget for this. But once your bathroom is ready, you will find it worth splurging on.
For the bathroom decor, you can choose from various classy designs available, such as the ones that look stylish and have neat designs.
You can go for matte finished tiles that give a royal look to the bathroom. To support the tiles you also must add the fancy bathroom and toilet accessories to the shower. Apart from this, the drapes and curtains in the bathroom can dramatically change the look of your shower.

Myriad Hues

You can play with various bathroom color schemes when it comes to showers. For example, a shower with black glossy tiles looks great. The black tiles can be supported with many mirrors and glasses that give an infinite look to the bathroom. Similarly, you can experiment with various other dark colors to make your bathroom look distinguished and unique.
You can try odd colors such as deep purple, dark turquoise, blue, olive, etc., and these colors will surely bring life to your shower area. To break the monotony, you can go for murals or mosaics using your creativity. You can use different colors, patterns, tile borders, and textures to create unique murals in the showers.

Theme Showers

This is one of the upcoming catching trends in the bathroom remodeling.
You can choose any of the themes you like and create your own tile shower ideas. For example, if the theme is nature, then you can choose various designs of trees, rivers, mountains, wildlife, and birds, etc.
These days manufacturers offer you a ready set of the designed tiles and all you have to do is install them properly. It is quite similar to a jigsaw puzzle. You can create your own custom tile bathroom design as per your choice and add some bathroom lighting to suit the decor.
If you don't know how to build a tile shower, it is advisable to take help from professionals who will guide and help you in executing your tile shower ideas. A well-designed, clean, tidy, and hygienic bathroom will definitely fetch you accolades from everyone.