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Ceramic Tile Patterns

Palmira S Oct 12, 2018
Tiles that are available in market consists different patterns and designs. Read on to know more about ceramic tile patterns.
Many types of ceramic tiles are available in the market. You can choose one according to your choice and requirement. The patterns can be selected for different areas of the house.
For example, the kitchen can have a design of fruits and vegetables on it, while in the bedroom and living room, you can have tiles designed with pictures of greenery or nature. You can have them in different shades for that classic look. They are available in different colors, materials and designs.
The pattern you select for your room should be eye-catching and unique. You can also have hand-painted, glazed and fired tiles. The design you choose should match the color and the general home decor. This will accentuate the beauty of the room.
Their highest selling point is their esthetic look and their durability. These are baked for a long period in high temperatures which makes them strong enough to withstand sufficient amount of pressure.

Types of Patterns

Ceramic tiles consist of mainly two types, namely; glazed and unglazed. Glazed tiles have a decorative look hence, they are more sought after than unglazed tiles. Unglazed tiles are durable and hence, are used in commercial buildings where human traffic is high.
A pre-grouted tile panel mainly constitutes factory pre-assembled sheets, which are designed for easy and quick installation. For heavy traffic, quarry tiles are the best option, as they are thick, tough and also water-resistant. Saltillo too, are hard, durable and have a decorative look.
Another pattern is slate, made up of brittle material and found in various gray shades with tints ranging from red, purple and dark purple to black. Dark color slate can be fade when exposed constantly to bright sunlight. Chosen with care, they might last for years.
Light-colored tiles and those having a stone look provide a very nice and decorative look. If you want a clean and simple look, then you can opt for plain-white color.
If you want the room to look large, then opt for light-colored, large-sized tiles. For the room to look small and intimate, choose tiles which are dark in color and small in size.
Tiles painted with bright, vivid and cheerful colors are the most opted as they give a pleasant look. You can also customize the shape by getting it cut in the shape you want.


Installation also creates a lot of difference to the look of the room. Hence, it should also be chosen well. If you are using three or more tiles and if you want to have a modular pattern, then attention to the size of each tile should be given, so that the overall look with regards to grout joints, can be achieved easily.
Ceramic tile flooring patterns are varied, and if chosen well, they can definitely enhance the beauty of your room. So, choose a pattern which will prove to be eye-catching and attractive to all, thus making you proud.