Ceramic Tile Flooring Ideas

Madhura Pandit Dec 5, 2018
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Ceramic flooring is very popular these days because of its versatility. Here are some ceramic tile ideas that will help add elegance to your home.
Ceramic tiles are made from clay or porcelain and other ferrous materials which contribute in making them hard and tough. Due to their ability to withstand wear and tear for a long time, these tiles are used in numerous applications like flooring, countertops, walls and even roofing.
As they are available in numerous colors, patterns and sizes, they can conform to your tastes and requirements, and help in home decorating.

Ceramic Tile Floor Ideas

Before selecting or buying tiles for flooring, you should take into consideration the size, usage of the room, and also your preferences and budget. You are sure to find ceramic tiles that will meet all these conditions.


One of the biggest advantage of these tiles is that they are available in myriads of colors. You will find them literally in any color you wish. One may not be aware but the color of the tiles contributes greatly in the making or changing the overall appearance of the room.
Light colored tiles make the room look large and spacious whereas, dark colors make it appear smaller than it actually is. On the other hand you should also remember that extremely light-colored tiles tend to soil soon and hence need a lot of maintenance.


There is quite a limited range for sizes of ceramic tiles; as they are mostly available in the standard square foot size. There are high chances for larger tiles to crack or break while the smaller ones may not look very attractive.
Just like colors, the size of the tiles you choose can also help in making your room look smaller or larger. For example,  bigger tiles make the room look spacious and larger in size.


These can be categorized into glazed and unglazed ones. Glazed ceramic tiles have a shiny appearance and are very slick. They are in great demand but they are very slippery to walk on.
Glazed ceramic tiles are best to use on countertops or to make murals. On the other hand, the unglazed ones, although not so attractive, are used in high traffic areas. Floral ceramic tile flooring patterns are also available in the market. You can go for pre-grouted ceramic tiles as they are easy to install.
When you have invested a lot in having these beautiful ceramic tiles, you would definitely want to have some different flooring ideas to add pizazz to your home.
Rather than having the regular and simple grid, you can have a completely different and innovative ceramic tile floor design by mixing tiles of different sizes. For e.g., you can install them in diagonal tile layout or even windmill pattern.
A brick or Herringbone pattern also look cool and distinct. If you want to be more creative, you can create a random pattern by mixing the square and the rectangular tiles and creating a jigsaw puzzle like pattern of flooring.
On the other hand, if you want to get your imagination going, you can even create a mosaic of multicolored pieces of ceramic tiles which you may get from the stores, perhaps luckily!

Ceramic tile maintenance

Although ceramic tiles are tough, they require regular maintenance to prevent possible damage. Stains and spills of any kind should be immediately cleaned with water and soap. In case of both, glazed as well as unglazed tiles,  you can get cleaning products from the manufacturers and use them as per instructions.
One should also remember to not to drag furniture or heavy metallic objects on these tiles as it can result in irreparable scratches.
You can try any of these flooring ideas or even come up with your own. Ceramic tiles will never fail in adding to the beauty and elegance to your home.
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