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Types of Ceilings

Types of Ceilings
Ceilings are a major part of home decor, where you can use various ideas to make them look attractive. In today's world, we all prefer to live in decorative and designer homes, where the walls, furniture, doors, and windows are all designed perfectly. Another main attraction in interior designing is having classy and fashionable ceilings, with either embedded lights or chandeliers hanging from them.
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There are various ceiling types used in American homes, and according to the style of the house (traditional, Victorian, modern or contemporary), you can choose a design for your ceiling. Even if you have an old home, you can always redo it with a different type of ceiling, as getting these made is not a very complicated process. Even though there are a few basic types which are available in the market, blending these designs and coming up with unique ideas which suit your home interiors can be a fun exercise. Ceiling designs are basically of two main styles: the raised and the drop ceilings, which are further divided into sub-categories. The raised ceiling includes cathedral ceiling, cove ceiling, tray ceiling, shed ceiling, etc. The dropped or suspended ceiling includes only a conventional ceiling type which is not very decorative.
Cathedral Ceilings
A Cathedral ceiling is also known as a vaulted ceiling, and is a very high ceiling which is made by exposing roof rafters. These are built in such a way that their centers are usually pointed upward, which is commonly observed in churches and old renaissance constructions. Decorating rooms with vaulted ceilings give a very dramatic touch to the house, and are usually used for dining, living rooms, and where there is a staircase attached to the room. These ceilings are very decorative, and are as high as 15 feet or even more.
Tray Ceilings
One of the most common types of ceilings used in traditional as well as modern homes are the tray ceilings. These are rectangular in shape, and are either recessed or inverted in nature. They simply look like an inverted tray, and thus, the name. There are many decorative ideas you can use to style them. They are one of the most attractive ones around, and have moldings around their edges, which can be either plain, subtle, ornate or dramatic.
Cove Ceilings
If you have seen the interiors of a mosque, you will know what cove ceilings are. In cove ceilings, the point where the ceiling and the walls meet (intersection where the molding is placed) is domed or curved or coved. It resembles an arched dome, where the ceiling is only coved at this point, and then it becomes flat like other normal ceilings. These look very beautiful when they have designs made at these intersections, along with a decorative chandelier hanging from them.
Dropped Ceilings
Dropped ceilings are also known as suspended types, and are usually lower than the regular ceilings. Also called secondary ceilings, they are hung or suspended below the main ceiling, redefining modern and contemporary ceiling styles. Installing suspended ceilings make the living room or drawing room look very classy and modern. With great lighting, they look even more attractive and appealing, changing the entire look of your home.
With these basic ceilings available, you can use various designing patterns like stucco, textured, popcorn, and wooden to beautify it further. So, go ahead, and make your home a comfortable place with a brand new ceiling.
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