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Ceiling Designs for Offices

Medha Godbole Dec 21, 2018
There are umpteen choices when it comes to ceiling designs for offices. From the Victorian dome to a Tudor, you name it, and you may get it!
In case of office spaces in an urban setup, reasonably big and growing companies own workplaces that are nothing but chic and urbane. They are polished and state-of-the-art in most of the instances. The decor, furniture, and design are getting plush day by day.
A major part of how a workplace looks is depends on the architectural scheme: the ceilings, the arches, and the materials used.

Design Ideas for Office Ceilings

These patterns can be made to reflect the type of workplace. Of course there will be limitations, but the desired effect may be possible if the interior designer can whip up something creative.

Let It Drop

Dropped ceilings lend a very dramatic look to spaces. These are secondary structures hanging below the main roof. Also called false ceilings, they give depth to the space and create a very modern look. Metal panels are better chosen in these cases.

The Vintage Design

This dates back to the late 15th century. The USP of this design is the use of perpendicular lines and ornate decoration.
In spite of it being vintage, experts in this field are of the opinion that it is suited for chic, modern settings as well. A repeating series of geometric shapes and patterns is formed due to a series of raised lines of molding.

Glossy Affair

Glass ceilings add that impeccable gloss and a touch of class to the interiors. Hang lights to add a nice and catchy effect. Of course, let the architect and the interior designer decide how to do it. Doesn't this make a really good interior decoration idea?

A Dome for Business

Domes are yet another of those modern designs. A dome is a fantastic way to create an impression that the ceiling is at a good height and is not too low. Add lights to the dome, and have a nice color given to it. See the vast effect!

Try the Tray

Amongst ceiling designs, tray pattern is an out-and-out contemporary one. It is low around the border of the room or work space. There is a raised roof in the middle. The tray ceilings are square, and rise upward with a sharp 90° angle to the border of the room.
Apart from this, there are a lot of options like the textured ceiling, faux finish, coffered ceiling, and cathedral vaults. You are sure to be spoiled for choice, and as if this was not enough, you have ceiling medallions as well! Check with your architect and interior decorator to make the right choice. All the best!