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Ceiling Designs for Living Room

Rimlee Bhuyan Dec 20, 2018
A room with a beautiful ceiling always attracts a lot of interest. Here we will discuss ceiling designs for living room that will instantly transform the look of the living room.
While remodeling a house, people do not pay much attention to the ceiling design. We are so caught up in choosing wall colors, furniture layout and other accessories while remodeling a house, that we overlook the ceiling altogether.
A good ceiling design can add warmth and character to a room and elevate it from ordinary to remarkable.
A living room with an attractive ceiling will enhance the look and atmosphere of the room. Even the color of a ceiling determines the mood and ambiance of a room.
If a ceiling is painted in a darker color than the rest of the walls, then the room looks cozy, warm and intimate. A light colored ceiling, on the other hand, will give an airy and spacious atmosphere to the room.
Ceiling designs are not limited to the use of ceiling colors, as nowadays, there are many different ceiling designs to choose from. So if you want a complete makeover to your home, do not ignore the ceilings. Let us discuss various  ceiling designs ideas here that are just right for a living room.

False Ceiling for Living Room

If you do not want a plain conventional ceiling, then an ideal ceiling design for living room will be a false ceiling or suspended ceiling. This type of false ceiling designs are very popular for living rooms as they give the living room warmth and coziness. A suspended ceiling is nothing but a flat ceiling that is built underneath an existing ceiling.
The ceiling panels are built with light weight acoustic materials that are installed in a grid pattern. The recess that is in between the suspended and the original ceiling is used for housing wirings and other such materials.
A false ceiling can be made more functional by installing dim lights or mood lighting fixtures. They are best used in rooms that have a considerably higher ceiling height, as false ceilings lower the ceiling height by about 4 to 6 inches.
Decorative panels and fancy moldings can also be used to give the false ceiling an attractive appearance. Installing suspended ceiling will give your living room a unique ambiance.

Wooden Ceiling Designs

If you live in a country style house, or you want to give a country appearance to your living room, then wooden ceilings are the best design. There are different styles of it to choose from and one of the most popular is wooden cathedral ceilings.
Cathedral ceiling made with wooden beams looks very attractive in a large and spacious living room. High and sloping cathedral ceilings make a dramatic statement in your living room. Cathedral ceilings are visually attractive but they do have some practical problems likes insulation and ventilation.
Nevertheless cathedral ceilings are a wise choice if you live in a large house with a spacious living room. Light fixtures used here should be hung low so that there is adequate lighting in the room. Extra lighting can be installed by using floor lamps. You can also opt for coffered ceiling designs which is a square box like pattern made with wooden beams.

Tray Ceiling Designs

Tray ceiling designs are very popular for the living room and the dining room. They are of two types. A recessed tray and an inverted tray. In a recessed tray ceiling design, the perimeter of the ceiling is lower than the center of the ceiling.
In an inverted tray, the center of the ceiling is lower than the perimeter, giving it a suspended look. Tray ceiling designs are perfect for living room as it allows you to hang decorative items like a crystal chandelier or install recessed lighting. Installing crown moldings along the edges of the tray ceiling will give your living room an elegant look.

Vaulted Ceiling Designs

If you have a living room that does not receive adequate amount of sunlight, then opt for a vaulted ceiling. A vaulted ceiling is similar to a cathedral ceiling where the ceiling arches upwards giving the room a spacious look.
It is not necessary that the two sloping sides of a vaulted ceiling should have equal measurements. Because the height of the living room with vaulted ceiling is more than that of a conventional flat ceiling design.
Therefore you need to make sure that the light fixtures are hung at a lower height. If you choose a vaulted ceiling for your living room, then it is best that you install long pendant light fixtures for illuminating the room.
This was all about living room ceiling designs for homes. Some other ceiling designs that are suitable for a living room are cove ceiling and shed ceiling.
The living room is the space where you spend the most amount of time, relaxing with your friends and family. So this room should be comfortable and it should have a warm and cozy atmosphere. Having an attractive ceiling that matches the d├ęcor of the living room is a great way of achieving that.