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Types of Ceilings for Kitchens

Types of Ceilings for Kitchens
Fancy ceilings are a great addition to improve the visual appeal of a home's interior. Find some great ceiling designs for your kitchen from this article, to make it look as attractive as the rest of your house.
Aparna Jadhav
Kitchens are usually all about the countertop, cabinets, furniture, and appliances. No one thinks of giving this space a decorative ceiling, since that's the last thing you would take notice of. A decorative ceiling can definitely have a greater impact on the visual appeal of a room. With a variety of ideas and types of ceilings, usually used for the other rooms in a house, you could incorporate them in a kitchen, as well. We have put together some great ceiling design ideas, that could give your kitchen a dramatic change.
Materials Used
Just like any other room in your home, you can install beautiful and decorative ceilings for your kitchen, too. Various materials like wood, metal, plaster of Paris (POP), or concrete, can be used. These materials not only add an element of style to a room, but they also provide required strength and durability, so that they can hold fixtures.
This is the best alternative if you wish to remodel your kitchen, as and when you please. You can also give a unique look to your kitchen by opting for various shapes such as curved, angular, or circular. The original ceiling remains at a height, with an extra unit made from one of the aforementioned materials, which is suspended using supports to create a false ceiling. It takes advantage of the supports provided by the main ceiling, thus allowing the false one to remain stationary. They are considered an integral part of modern kitchen designs, because of the built-in secondary structure. When ceiling lights and chandeliers are installed, the kitchen looks brighter and extremely inviting.
Another great alternative to an ordinary and boring ceiling, is a rich and classic wooden one, in various contemporary designs. Wooden ceilings are gaining popularity because of their neutral look, durability, and timeless appeal. Linear designs are the most commonly used type of wooden ceilings, in case you don't want to overdo the look of your kitchen. Other ceiling designs like grille, cubed, and coffered, are very elegant and attractive.
These ceilings include a block, frosted, plain, or stained glass unit, that is installed below the original ceiling, where light fixtures can be affixed. The lights reflect on the glass, creating a wonderful effect in a kitchen. These units can be placed directly above a kitchen table, an island, or can cover an entire ceiling. So, if you want to add a spacious feel to your kitchen, this is the best option.
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