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Ceiling Designs for Your Kids' Room

Neha Joshi Dec 21, 2019
There are many ceiling designs for your kids' room that you can choose from and some that you can come up with yourself! From the wallpapers to the ceiling patterns, there is a lot you can experiment with while deciding the ceiling designs for your kid's room.
There is a reason why people give so much importance to designing the ceilings in the rooms. In any room, it's the ceiling that makes the room look complete. For the bedroom, the roof has to be calming and serene. It is something you would want to look at while falling asleep.
Designing the ceiling properly is as important as designing the other walls of your home. The interiors you choose for your child's room have to make the room look bigger, brighter and colorful.
Everything should be done keeping these three prerequisites in mind. False ceilings are required to make the room look different from just a plain box. However, apart from just the false ceilings, there is a lot you need to think about while finalizing ceiling designs for kids' your room. A few of those things are mentioned here. Check them out!

Ceiling Designs for Your Kids' Room:


Designing a kids' room is a task, isn't it? They strongly like and dislike certain things. The room should be as creatively done as possible. Children get bored very easily if they don't find something that might amuse them and like adults, they don't know how to make do with certain things.
For this reason, it's very important you go through each of the following points in detail and make sure you ask your child whether he likes what you've decided would be the ceiling of his room.

Ceiling Types

There are a lot of ceiling types to choose from while deciding the ceiling patterns for your kid's room. Vaulted ceiling designs are the most chosen for toddler's or kid's room. The vaulted ceiling has a comforting and cozy effect on the room.
You get to add more color to the room in this way as well. Wood ceilings are a cheaper option you can opt for. If you choose drop ceiling, adorn them with a few lamps as they can look as though they're dropping down on you while you're in the sleeping position. Tray ceilings are the best option if you want a wallpaper on your ceiling.


Wallpapers are another aspect that can give your child's room a theme effect instantly. A lot of parents today want to decorate their kid's room according to a particular theme. You can attach a wallpaper that relates to the particular theme you have in mind.
These wallpapers can be purchased at almost any interior showroom. When you pick up a wallpaper, make sure it's colorful and doesn't have dark shades as this would make the room look a tad darker.

Glowing Artifacts

Today, there are many accessories you can use today to make the ceilings look different. We have to think about the ceiling design not only from the infrastructure point of view but also the interior point of view, isn't it?
You need accessories to make the ceilings look different and more attractive than they already are. Glowing artifacts are a common ceiling decoration accessory today. You can use stars, the moon, the solar system or glowing outlines of your child's favorite cartoon.
These glowing artifacts don't only add a little light in the night, they also make the ceiling look like a piece of art.


You have to be very particular when you choose the colors to make some ceiling designs for your kids' room. Wrong colors can make a good ceiling look really bad.
There are a lot of shade cards you might come across but choose the colors strictly according to what you feel looks good. Don't choose dark shades at all. Go for brighter and cooler shades of blue, pink, green, sherbet yellow or pastels. Choosing your child's favorite color can be a successful idea too.

Design Options

Check out all the design ideas you can come across to zero in on the best. There are many ceiling designs you can choose from, some which may not interest you but might give you better ideas.
Some show you the combination of two ceiling types incorporated together in one room. These make it easier for you to understand what all can be done with the ceiling in your kid's room or you always have the option to hire a consultant. That however, will increase the budget.
This is how you can work on ceiling designs for your kids' room, and make them look better and more beautiful for your children. You will get many options on the Internet showing you pictures of wonderful ceiling designs but it's always advised to finalize designs taking into consideration the likes and dislikes of your children.
Also, choose designs that would be easy to replace later. As your child grows up, he/she might find these designs boring. Till then, make the most out of this information. Best of Luck!