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Ceiling Designs for Dining Room

Deeptee A Jan 8, 2019
When the dining room furniture is gorgeous, why should the ceiling be plain dull white? Here are some ceiling designs for dining room to match up with your decor.
While redecorating your house, you may change the wall colors, the drapes, the furniture, and the flooring. You might even consider designing the ceiling of the living room. Don't you think designing your dining room ceiling would also be a good idea?
Also, it is the place where you have your lunch and dinner parties. So when the guests admire your high-end furniture, silverware, the impeccable food that you serve, and your wonderful wine collection; why should they get a chance to say that the dinner was great but the room seemed a little dull.
Yes, plain white ceiling will make all the other expensive items in your dining room look dull. Don't fret. Here are some designs for dining room, that you can choose from, to suit your decor, taste, and pocket.

Tray Ceiling

The tray design gives the ceiling the look of an inverted tray. The sides are lower than the center part which gives the impression of an inverted tray. Angles can be created by adding crown moldings and texture by using tiles, paper, or wood.
You can paint it according to the color of your dining room. Else, if you are feeling adventurous, you can paint a scene on the ceiling of the dining room. Use light colors, as they will make your room appear bigger.

Wooden Planks

You can creatively use wood to decorate your ceiling. It will not only provide a luxurious look, but will also add warmth to the dining area.
You can either cover your entire wall with wooden planks that match with your dining room furniture, or just one long plank. In both the cases, add sufficient lighting for an enhanced effect. Wooden ceilings also add a rustic look. Alternatively, you can try a cathedral frame with skylights. This make your dining room look bigger and airy.

Coffered Ceiling

Coffered type of ceiling employs square or polygonal panels arranged in a decorative way. The framework of these panels or coffers is very strong. These squares or rectangle blocks are painted in color that matches with the furniture, and the blocks are painted in contrasting colors. The coffered designs give a very tasteful effect to the ceiling.
The choice of the wood can be done after considering your dining room furniture and can be stained, painted, or varnished based on the taste.

False Ceiling

These are very popular in modern homes. They are known as dropped or suspended ceilings too. They are secondary ceilings that are hung below the main ceilings of the house, and have certain advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages are the small space between the main and the secondary ceiling is used to hide the wires, the duct and holes, if any. The disadvantages are that these are too common because of the popularity and they reduce the headroom.
Apart from these, other popular designs for dining room are textured designs, dome designs and other variations. Another simple and inexpensive option you can go for is the popcorn texture. While choosing dining room ceiling designs, it is necessary to consider your dining room furniture, designs on the walls, flooring etc.
Remember that the design that you choose will stay with you for quite a few years, so choose the design with care.