Warm and Resplendent Ceiling Designs to Be Used for Bedrooms

Ceiling Designs for Bedrooms
Choosing ceiling designs for a bedroom is a slightly tricky affair, as it is important to keep in mind the fact that you are going to be waking up to the design you choose, every day! There are some ceiling designs, that can provide the ultimate aesthetic appeal, and have you looking forward to spending time in your cozy haven.
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Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018
The ceiling is probably the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning. From the coziness of your bed, to wake up to something beautiful and perfect right above you, is what you would definitely love. Creating and having the perfect ceiling design for your bedroom, then, becomes important. There are a lot of styles and patterns that you would want to choose from. However, these depend on a lot of factors - the overall height of the room, the size and shape of the room, the theme the room has been designed around, and your preference in terms of the style and lighting that will be centered on the ceiling.
Classic Designs
classic design ceiling
Some of us like sticking to the classics, and drop ceilings and tray ceilings have been around long enough to be defined as classic ceiling designs. To give this look a more traditional twist, you may choose to use some traditional light fixtures such as bowl lamps or hanging lamps and fancy ceiling fans. You can also have indirect light that is used to highlight the remaining ceiling. It adds a beautiful, soft glow to the entire room and gives it a romantic touch too!
classic design ceiling
Rustic Designs
rustic design ceiling
A theme among ceiling designs that people are loving these days is a rustic, earthy look. It is cozy, it is warm, and it gives a wonderful homely feel. When designing a room and ceiling around this theme, keep in mind the elements that are most important are wood, and warm, yellow lights that provide a soft glow. The clean lines of a modern design may remain, but with the help of the aforementioned elements they are slightly subdued for a comfortable look.
For the ultimate rustic look, wooden beams are the most popular elements that add to the aesthetics of the ceiling. If the design allows, have these wooden beams continue to the floor on an empty wall. Have intersecting wooden beams running across the ceiling, and to enhance them further, put up hanging lights that are in keeping with the theme, at the intersections. You may follow the horizontal pattern if you are trying to widen the appearance of the room, while the vertical pattern may be used to narrow down a very wide room. In some cases, on sloped ceilings, wooden beams are used to highlight the edges of each slope, on which different light fixtures are then put up.
Modern Designs
modern ceiling design
Modern, contemporary designs for a bedroom can range from absolutely anything to anything. Some people prefer keeping the ceiling devoid of any design and focusing on the design of the room. Others prefer having a colored ceiling and keeping the rest of the room neutral. Another great design is to have mirrors on the ceiling. This ceiling can then be highlighted with the use of sleek light fixtures to complete the modern look.
modern ceiling design
How to Choose a Good Bedroom Ceiling Design
~The Room Design: Keep in mind that the theme that your room is centered on will decide how your ceiling should look. If your room is designed on modern lines, ensure that the ceiling design is adapted to this style. Also, the basic structure of your room will help you decide whether a design is really necessary. A room with too many angles and corners should be left alone, as the design will be lost in this shape. Or if your room has too many beams running along it, instead of covering it up with a ceiling design, highlight the beams with light fixtures to bring out their natural beauty.

~Height of the Room: If you have a room with good ceiling height, there is no harm in having a fancy ceiling design that caters to your taste. However, if the ceiling is low height, it is better to avoid having a ceiling altogether. In such a case, the lighter the ceiling, the easier it will be to relax in the room.

~Personal Preference: Finally, your personal preference is extremely important when you choose a ceiling design. Do you like it light and simple or dynamic and bright? Do not, under any circumstance, get your ceiling done up just because your neighbor is getting one and it is 'en vogue'. Understand if your room needs an additional design element, whether you like it, and then go on and choose a design.
Personally, I believe a ceiling should not be overbearing. It should enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room, not overpower it. This is particularly true of ceiling designs for bedrooms as they can weigh down on you if they are too heavy, or add to the coziness if they are designed well. Simply put, when considering the different bedroom ceiling design ideas, keep it simple and comfortable, so that you can make the most of all the relaxation your beautiful room has to offer.
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