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Ceiling Decorations

Ceiling Decorations
Looking for some unique ideas on ceiling decorations for a wedding or party? The following article gives some interesting tips on ceiling décor for such occasion. Use your creativity and make the event a grand one.
Aastha Dogra
While planning decorations, a lot of attention is given to the centerpieces, the kind of flowers to be used, themes, the choice of colors, etc. However, not much is thought about the ceiling at the venue. It is the last thing that will grab your guest's attention, yet, if some stunning additions are made, they can really add up to the effect that you want to create.
Draping Fabrics
Draping sheets of fabrics from one end of the ceiling to another is one of the most popular ways to decorate them. The colors of the fabrics used depend upon the color combination used in the rest of the décor. Nets and georgette look especially good when used for draping, so this is one option that you can consider. However, if the venue is very big, lots of fabric would be required for carrying on this idea. In such a case, go in for accent draping, wherein only some areas of the venue are draped with fabrics.
Strings of Lights
If you are looking for some stunning decorations for parties, then draping strings of lights all over the ceiling is a good idea. Create a kind of a net with the lights by running them from one corner to another. Add a few chandeliers in between these lights, if you want to give the venue a rich look. Although, this is meant for outdoor venues, yet you can do the same in indoor banquets too, to add a bit of drama to your party or wedding!
Creating canopies with flowers or with cloth materials, will certainly make the ceiling stand out. A unique idea pertaining to wedding canopies is to get them personalized. On the corners, you can get the bride and the groom's photographs woven in the cloth itself. If you search online, you will find companies who are willing to do the same for you. However, this décor can cost you a lot. A cheaper option for decorating the canopies is to hang strings of beads from it. If you visit a craft store you will find such strings of beads in almost all colors.
Lanterns make for the most awesome looking ceiling decorations. Paper lanterns, which come in round shape and a number of sizes and colors can be hanged from various places. When these are lit at night, they give a dream-like effect to the venue. So, put up lanterns and let your guests enjoy their warm glow!
Balloons, Balls, Stars, and Swirls
For those of you looking for hanging decorations, there is a wide variety to choose from. Adding balloons in some interesting color combinations or putting up suspended stars, can give the whole party décor a very different feel. Hanging pots of flowers, globe shaped lights, and handcrafted tapestries are some other options that you can consider, depending upon your wedding theme or party theme.
As you can see, there's a lot that you can do with your ceilings. You just need to use a little bit of imagination and creativity. To ensure the safety of your invitees and to save yourself from any embarrassment, it is important to make use of hooks to fix the décor items properly. This is extremely essential, especially if you are using some heavy items. If this is taken care of well, your efforts are sure to be appreciated by all your family and friends!