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Ceiling Beams

Ceiling Beams
Ceiling beams serve as a wonderful decorative element in rooms, and give the place a very warm and cozy feel. Read on to know more about how you can use them to decorate your home.
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When you are undertaking an interior designing project, you have to consider the design of the room in its entirety. This means that every element, from the floor to the ceiling, that makes up the room has to be taken care of. Ceiling designs too add to the beauty of a room, and give it that extra something. Important elements within the purview of ceiling designs are ceiling beams, which usually refer to false wooden beams that are used to decorate rooms. How you wish to use them really depends on how inspired you are, and how creative you can get.
Decorating with Beams
When using ceiling beams for the purpose of interior decorating, there are a lot of other elements you can use in order to enhance their look and appeal. One thing you should consider while using them is the height of your room. Usually, it is easier to use these when you are decorating rooms with high ceilings, as they give the room some depth, and look prominent too. You may try out the following ideas to use ceiling beams for room decoration:
  • Use beams of varying thickness on ceilings, depending on the height and size of your room. You may create sleek designs with narrow beams, and elaborate designs with thicker ones.
  • While faux beams can be used when a room is centered on a rustic theme, they can also be transformed to fit into the modern theme, simply by changing the color of the beams and giving them a new modern finish.
  • Use beams with other ceiling colors, that are mild and accentuate the beauty of the beams.
  • You can use them in a narrow room by simply placing them horizontally one after the other, at equal distances. This gives the room some width and makes it look larger. On the other hand, in a wider room, use them vertically so that they bring the room together and make it look cozier.
  • Combine ceiling beams with other materials, such as plaster of Paris (POP). Faux beams cannot be mounted on POP as they are too heavy, but POP ceilings can be designed around beams. Using the beams to create a filtering effect for indirect lights will give great warmth to a room. More than anything, it helps to create a very romantic mood, with the dim and indirect lighting.
  • Decorative ceiling beams are also available, which eliminate the need to use any other elements along with the beams. These, however, should be used sparingly, else they tend to make the room look overbearing.
  • Soften the edges of ceiling beams by rounding them, or giving them a beveled shape. It adds the right amount of element and design to the room. Further, you may make grooves in the ceiling to come up with great designs, and again, eliminate the need to use any other decorative element with them.
  • Using hanging lamps suspended from the beams is a great way to use an additional element to decorate the ceiling.
Designing ceilings with faux beams is no difficult task, and with a little creativity, you can come up with almost any kind of design that appeals to you. Use these ideas and create a masterpiece for yourself.
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