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This Information on Cast Iron Bathtubs Will Definitely Win You Over

Cast Iron Bathtubs
Want to learn all about cast iron bathtubs? All you need to know about them is packed here. Read this to decide what kind of bathtub you would like to adorn your bath stall with!
Azmin Taraporewala
Last Updated: Jan 9, 2019
In today's day and age, we are all the more concerned about acquiring a swish bathroom decor, rather than a living area, and a foyer that reflects warmth, and appears welcoming. What better way to make your bathroom look classy, than installing a cast iron bathtub!
Let us take a look at some of the characteristics of cast iron bathtubs. Along with the attributes of the same, I am sure you would wish this article throws light on its loopholes as well.
Cast Iron Bathtub
Here are some characteristics of cast iron bathtubs that make it an ideal choice for your bathroom. To begin with, the dominant characteristics of a bathtub are its durability and resilience to heat.
Cast iron as a material serves both these purposes. Iron is the main constituent while manufacturing the tub. The material is poured into a mold, polishing it with a porcelain coating for a surface that shines, and sparkles.
However, the color scheme that the bathtub is manufactured in, is limited. It also depends on the popularity, and the subsequent demand of the product that make the manufacturer decide what sizes, and colors need to be produced. Other characteristics include, being available in a variety of options with regards to its accommodation, and placement structure.
They are offered in styles, such as freestanding, alcove-based and some are also coupled with apron fronts. Its purpose has also escalated from providing just a soothing soak to equipping the bathtub with a complete air bath system or whirlpool jets.
Properties and Loopholes
Cast iron bathtub
Cast iron bathtubs have an excellent property of conducting heat. It is apt for someone who likes to soak in for a long period. Its freestanding and claw foot models work well in all types of bathrooms, whether it is a traditional or contemporary bathroom decor.
A drawback that the tub encounters is its weight. The cast iron tub is heavy and it is a near-impossible task to install it into the bathroom, or uninstall the same. In order to sustain the weight, a substrate, especially when filled with water, is required. It also poses a tendency to chip as time elapses. This may require glazing over and over again.
Due to the weighty issues that the bathtubs endure, you must ensure that your bathroom floor can sustain the weight of the tub, and that you find the tub suiting your needs; the most important one being comfort and relaxation. Thus, a cast iron bathtub removal experience leaves you exhausted.
It is a heavy task ahead; thus, you need to check if the bathtub is perfect for you and your bathroom. Resorting to a bathtub replacement, going in for a bathtub refinishing or getting rid of it, simply because you don't want to behold the sight of it in the bathroom; are processes that require strength for the purpose of executing the same.
You have to slide, rather maneuver the bathtub from the bathroom steadily, practicing immense patience. Cast iron is known for its excellent heat conduction; and it is due to this reason that water tends to cool down sooner in the tub, compared to any other tub manufacturing material. This could, indeed, be counted as a bane, and a boon.
A bathtub that may suit your bathroom style and soothe your senses, could be cast iron bathtubs from the American Standard Company. It has a complete range of styles and sizes to choose from; thereby, adapting to your bathroom needs and requirements.
It is endowed with an anti-slip surface that lets you sit in the tub and rise from it in peace, that is, without any worries of slipping. Another choice to cater to your needs is Kohler cast iron bathtubs. The Kohler range extends to delivering a range of bathtub styles; such as, Drop-in, Freestanding, Alcove, Corner, and Undermount.
Kohler baths personify comfort. They have lavish features; such as, lumber support to make the soaking experience truly sublime. You could also manage to lay your hands on bathtubs for sale, in order to get them in a customized price. There are online offers, too, at discounted rates.
So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and enhance your bathing experience with panache; as cast iron bathtubs are here to set you free - with unparalleled comfort, creating an aura that remains unmatched.