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Capiz Shells for Interior Decorating

Capiz Shells for Interior Decorating
A capiz shell is a translucent encasing that houses an oyster; while this is edible, the shells are collected and manufactured for commercial purposes. Let's take a look at the different ways that these are made use of.
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Shell Wind Chime
Capiz shells are pearlescent in nature, offering manufacturers and DIY junkies, a host of creative options to play around with. These translucent beauties can be used for practically anything that requires an artsy touch. These shells are popular in the Philippines, where the people use it for a variety of commercially distributed décor pieces, especially during Christmas. We take a look at the different ways that a capiz shell can come in handy, where the things that it's made into, are sure to take your breath away.
Uses for Capiz Shells
Shimmery Curtains
If you already have drapes donning your windows, you can take advantage of the areas in your home that don't have these; like the entry of a passageway that connects two rooms. Using a curtain rod of the right dimensions, drill and screw this above the passageway, before hanging capiz shell curtains. They come in their original form―an eggshell-tinged hue―or in an array of upbeat colors that make it stand out. Whatever you choose, be sure that it blends with the theme or paint palette of a room. You can even switch the drapes on the windows with capiz shell curtains, inviting into a dining or drawing room, an ethereal display of reflected sunlight.
Lovely Light Fixtures
These shells adorn chandeliers in interesting shapes and designs, where your home is sure to turn into a spectacle with one of these hanging above you. They diffuse warm light, turning a living room into a cozy, welcoming haven. Be sure to explore multiple options until you find one that suits your sense of taste.
Other Decorative Accents
These shells are also used heavily in the form of wind chimes, wallpaper, tiles (seriously!), bedside lamps, candle holders, decorative Christmas art (like massive lit stars), and even jewelry. They make great home décor additions, especially if you have an eye for delicate aestheticism. While it is dainty in its look and feel, you can't help but love how something that looks so simple, can turn into such a beautiful form of art in a home, or any space for that matter.
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