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Cape Cod Decor Ideas

Cape Cod Decor Ideas

Cape Cod decor is fresh, raw, airy, and lends an unmistakable old-world charm to the interiors of a house. Read on for some unique decorating ideas on furniture, flooring, fabrics, accessories, and house paints.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
"With its petite footprint and charming cottage style, Cape Cod style is great for smaller households. It's also a natural choice for vacation."
― Houzz
If you prefer your home to have that vintage charm and exhibit a warm, cozy, and inviting feel, Cape Cod décor is ideal for you! This type of décor is very commonly seen in houses in the eastern part of the United States; however, due to its simple, and at the same time, unique look, it has caught the fancy of modern interior decorators everywhere. This traditional décor is now being replicated in houses and apartments by people who prefer their homes comfortable as well as exhibiting an old, antiquated appeal!

Cape Cod décor is all about living a life of relaxation and simplicity. Open air, natural environment, fresh breeze - these are some of the things that represent this type of décor. Keeping these in mind, the various interior decorating decisions regarding paint colors, furniture, flooring, and accessories should be taken.
Examples of Basic Cape Cod Décor
Living Room
Living Room
Paint Colors
Bright and bold paint colors such as red, yellow, and blue are used. However, if used alone, these paint colors can be very overwhelming, so always use them in combination with white to create a balanced look. Painting the room walls in white color will give it a very crisp and fresh look; at the same time, the bright colors will add energy to the room surroundings!

For those of you who have a spacious private house where there is a lot of scope for natural sunlight to come in, instead of painting the walls, have them paneled in knotty pines. This will give a raw cottage-like appeal to your house, making it look as authentic as some of the houses that you find in eastern United States. If you have an apartment and you feel that knotty pine walls will give the rooms a very dark, grim look, then an interesting idea is to paint three walls and have just one of them paneled in knotty pine!
The furniture pieces should be strong, big, and durable, very similar to country-style furniture. However, when it comes to Cape Cod décor, nothing dull-looking will do. So, if the sofa is brown in color, throw bright-colored pillows on it to create a cheery ambiance. Otherwise, buy sofas in some bright color itself such as red or chocolate. Wicker furniture especially painted in white color goes very well with this kind of décor. White wicker furniture will give the whole décor a very unique look!
The flooring has to be wooden. If you feel that it is going to pinch the pocket, do at least the living room and the master bedroom floor in hardwood. If the entire house has hardwood flooring, then accentuate the look of the floor by throwing some bright-colored rugs on it.
When it comes to choosing fabrics, be it curtains, table runners, napkins, or rugs, go with floral designs, striped designs, or those that depict some historical theme. Fabrics with maps and things that remind one of the sea such as fish, shells, rocks, beaches, etc., are some other patterns that you can consider.
Use antiquated accessories. Metal candle holders, iron or glass chandeliers, inherited quilts, these are some of the accessories that go very well with a Cape Cod décor. As wood is widely used in these homes, wood panels that have some beautiful, old-world kind of designs on them, should be put up on the walls to create decorative patterns. Panels painted in white go exceptionally well with the décor.
  • As sea themes are very much a part of many a Cape Cod home, you can have accessories that are inspired by the same. Wall hangings or pictures that have a lighthouse, ship, sea waves, rocks, seagulls, beaches, or any other thing that reminds one of the sea, décor items made up of seashell, a large compass placed on one of the shelves in the living room, these are some of the items that you can use to accessorize your house.
  • Hanging a large fish made of glass or metal on one of the prominent walls in the living room is a unique and interesting idea too.
  • If you have shelves in your living or bedroom, fill glass vases or bottles with different-shaped rocks and seashells to display them.
  •  To complete the décor, a must-have in a Cape Cod living room is a lamp filled with seashells that has a sailor or a lighthouse by its side!
A Cape Cod décor has a very rustic, cottage-like feel to it. It is meant for people who want to slow down and take life easy. So, if you want to live in a home that reeks of freshness, that makes you feel as if you are on a never-ending vacation, then go ahead and decorate your house in Cape Cod style!
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