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Cafe Curtains for Kitchen

Cafe Curtains for Kitchen

Cafe curtains are back in style, and the best place to put these up is the kitchen. The following article provides information about the benefits, styles, and variety that these curtains have to offer.
DecorDezine Staff
Apart from the cabinetry and design pattern, an important part of kitchen decoration is the blinds and curtains. They give the kitchen a complete look, and add the right dash of colors or patterns required in the kitchen. As modern as your kitchen may be, sometimes you need the right element to give it a homely look and a warm, comfortable, and cozy feel. Curtains are the right elements to give it that look, rather than blinds which seem to be more modern than traditional. Among the various curtain styles, cafe curtains are one of the many preferred kitchen curtain styles. Traditionally used in cafes as a means of providing right mix of light and privacy, it has been found that this property makes it a preferred choice as window treatments for kitchens. This write up talks a little more about cafe curtains for kitchens, and how they can be styled in various manners to give your kitchen the right look.

The Beauty of Cafe Curtains

There are a number of reasons why cafe curtains are back in style, particularly for use in kitchens, and to understand this, we have to first understand how these curtains are structured. Cafe curtains cover only one-third or half of a window. Above these curtains is empty space, which is followed by about an 8-12 inch valance at the top of the window. Usually, the valance style is similar to the curtain below, but may vary based on the preference of the home owner and decorator. The curtains below may be divided into two panels depending on the width of the window. These curtains are a great choice for kitchens due to the following reasons:
  • Cafe curtains provide just the right amount of privacy to kitchens, and yet allow for adequate amount of light to enter.
  • With its structure, it provides a traditional, warm, and homely appearance to the kitchen. It may look particularly well in a kitchen designed on rustic or country lines.
  • The amount of variety you can add in terms of looks is great with these curtains. The fabrics, patterns, designs, colors, and textures allow for great variety that is rare with any other kind of kitchen window decoration.
  • These curtains are available in fabrics that are easily washable, and this makes them very easy to use and maintain for the kitchen.
Choosing Cafe Curtains for Your Kitchen

As aforementioned, there is an immense variety in terms of visual appeal when it comes to cafe curtains as a choice among kitchen window curtains. How you want your kitchen to look after you install these is completely your choice. From plain old cotton to lace and embroidered fabrics, there is a great choice out there. Apart from this, such curtains are available in various prints also, such as floral and checked prints. You may even choose curtains with abstract prints and designs. A modern touch can also be added in terms of the patterns that you use to make these curtains. While the basic structure can remain the same, the way you wish to show off these curtains is completely your call. If you want a traditional and grand look, have an elaborate valance with rich fabrics to highlight the lower curtains. Otherwise, you could simply get rid of the valance altogether, and just have the lower curtains. For more modern ideas, you could have vertical blinds made of fabric in the lower portion, and eliminate the valance above. Further, you could also have long curtains (if there is enough space) to cover the window.

Finally, the best thing about these curtains is that they are highly affordable, so anyone can get them. Just keep the overall look of your kitchen in mind, and you are good to go.
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