Pros and Cons of Butcher Block Countertops

Medha Godbole Oct 9, 2018
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A butcher block countertop is basically a wooden countertop. As is the case with all things, there are certain pros and cons attached to this one too. Read on to know.
Is your kitchen countertop proving inadequate for your gourmet affairs? Is it a situation that your enthusiasm for cooking fizzes out when you see that clutter on the counter and you ultimately end up ordering a pizza? Well, if that is the situation, then perhaps you would consider a butcher block counter top installation in your kitchen.
This one is a kind of assembled wood, which is used as a table top, cutting board, and chopping surface. It is mostly prepared of sugar maple.
And it gets the name on account of the fact that this kitchen countertop was found in butcher shops previously. In the contemporary period, it has become a popular household thing.
Just as it is popular because of its advantages, there are some drawbacks as well. Thus, if you are planning on having one, the following pointers on butcher block counter tops pros and cons might help you take a good decision.


Thou Shalt Help the Environment

To use reclaimed lumber for your countertop, is definitely an environmentally conscious endeavor. It also is a symbol of the aesthetic sense a person has. There is a contradiction to it, which is given in the disadvantages. Wood is one of the safest options to have as a countertop, as it is naturally endowed with anti-bacterial properties.

Designed for Beauty

Wood gives a more inviting appearance than any other stone top or granite. It is warm and not as cold as stone. It is not sterile like stainless steel. It adds that rustic touch and a different aesthetic dimension to the kitchen unlike the same old granite and marble.

Making the Cut

A butcher block counter top is great for using as a cutting surface. It has the necessary expanse and sturdiness to endure chopping and cutting. Wood is known to be strong, isn't it? Here, the anti bacterial nature of wood comes in handy.

The 'Buck' Stops

Butcher blocks are probably the cheapest in price. This is more so when the price of a butcher block countertop is compared with granite. Installing maple wood butcher blocks comes at half the cost of granite countertops.


It is not a major hassle if you make it a point to keep the butcher block top always clean. It is not even that hard to clean the surface. Just plain sanding is enough to remove any signs of rough usage, like dents, burn marks, and so on. Thus, care is not a major issue.


Going Dent'al

No no, this is nothing related to the teeth. It is just about the dents and scratches to which butcher block is very prone to. This happens especially during cutting and chopping even though it is a convenient surface for doing these things.

Clean It Up

Though cleaning and maintening it is not a much tedious task; a Butcher Block Countertop needs more maintenance than granite or marble needs. It has to be periodically cleaned without fail and you have to be very careful while cleaning it.

The Butcher Buck

It is cheap, but only if its maple. Because it is easily and commonly available. If butcher block countertop is made of teak or similar hardwood, you are bound to have a dent in your pocket if not on your counter top!

Dial 'D' For Design

Though the design of this counter table gives a nice feel to kitchen, the material and design is such that it gives away all the evidence of rough usage- cutting, chopping, scratches, burn marks, etc.

Really Good for Environment?

The good side was that reclaimed lumber supports the environmental cause. However, according to some, the fact that wood is cut and used does not augur well for the environment.
These are primary things you would want to check while buying butcher block countertops. Considering its good and bad points, which seem equal in measure, it might not be a very bad choice. If you are concerned about environment, you might go for maple rather than teak.  After all, there is nothing like a wood countertop to make your house look perfect!
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