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Built-in Bookshelves

Built-in Bookshelves

Planning to add built-in bookshelves to your rooms, but confused about the right placement and designs? Here are some ideas to help you with the same.
Mamta Mule
How much space would you like to invest in your bookshelf? Well, we are sure that you don't need a compact one. But considering the amount of free space available in your study or bedroom, you might have a tough time finding the best designs of bookshelves to fit in your room, right? Then why not checkout the built-in ones? Well, these are one of the best furniture pieces that you can have in your house. They add amazing storage area without occupying extra space. Such shelves are built inside the walls and have depth equal to that of the walls. Wondering how to do these bookshelves in terms of designs and placement? Here are some ideas to help you work on the plans.

Mark the Walls

The project has to start with deciding the placement. Consider which walls can be the best ones to have such built-in shelves. You can consider all the rooms for this. Well, best to avoid the kitchen and dining space. Study rooms, living spaces, relaxing corners, passages are the best places to add such shelves. If you want, you can also have them outdoors in the patio space. Small corners or the walls between two pillars can be the best areas to have these. You can also consider having stand-alone bookcases that work as a partition wall for a huge area. Once you mark the walls, you can consider floor to ceiling built-in shelves that look simply awesome if designed and finished well. You can further sketch the compartments and blocks in these shelves to have a rough idea of what the shelf must look like. Also decide, which type of wood you will be using for these.

Design Basics

Deciding its design is the most important part. You need to first consider the number of books you have and also keep extra space for adding more books. You can also add a separate compartment for audio books and magazines. Having mix-sized compartments will make the bookshelf look classic instead of having compartments of equal dimensions. You can have a few very tall and small compartments as well. In the center, you can add a larger square compartment. This can be used to display one or two special books in your collection placed vertically and half open.

Add Classic Finish

Making these bookshelves is not just about planning the compartments and designs but also about how it looks the best. Adding a perfect finish to this built-in wooden furniture is quite essential. A lighter shade works best for the interior of the shelves. A dark-colored trim for each compartment will spruce up the piece and give it an elegant touch. Also, a broad trim matching with rest of the home furniture is best to be added to the complete border. If you are having a single column, you can consider adding a glass doors to it.

We are sure that you are no longer planning to have wall-mounted bookshelves that occupy extra space. These bookshelves have today become a common element of home decorating. These not only work as a wall decor but also offer amazing storage room in your spaces. Moreover, a very few decor pieces can look best if placed in empty compartments. And don't forget rightly illuminating these with elegant recessed lighting. The cost of bookshelves will vary depending upon the material used and size of the shelf. So, hire a professional, have your sketch ready, and select the best design for your built-in bookshelf.
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