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Building a Coffee Table

Building a Coffee Table

Learning how to build a coffee table can be a real rewarding activity. It can test your woodworking skills, as well as help you enhance the face value of your room. Scroll down to know more.
Medha Godbole
Coffee Table
Wooden furniture, of a reasonably good quality, can sometimes be a real dent in your pockets. So, in these times where most of us are looking to save that precious buck or two, making a furniture item, like a coffee table, on your own seems interesting and useful, right?

How to Build a Coffee Table

Plans for a Coffee Table
Choosing a construction plan is essential before you build the coffee table. That is important to guide you in making the coffee table, as well as to give you an idea how the finished product would look like. You will get a number of coffee table plans on the Internet. Download one which you find suitable.

Woody Matters
Depending on the plan, choose the type of wood for the coffee table. The type of wood would also be influenced by the look you want for the table. For instance, pine is good for a plain painted wooden coffee table. On the contrary, in case you have decided to stain it, oak or birch is good. After you cut the pieces of wood or lumber according to the specifications in the plan, smooth each piece by sanding it.

Building the Table
Although the process may vary according to the plan and the material, there are a few things which are more or less common. This will ensure that your process is going in the right direction. For starters, to make the coffee table screw the top rails in to the table top. With the help of screws add corner supports. Then target the table legs. Chisel each one in way that it fits perfectly against the bolt head. Then clamp each leg to the top rails at each corner and drill a hole through the corner support and leg. Finally, insert the bolts and then tighten them. At this juncture, you need to consider embellishments if at all you are going to use them. If there are any irregularities and unevenness, fill it up with a matching wood putty. Once you are done with the assembling of the table, you can follow this up by staining or painting the coffee table. Stain the table twice for a rich color. In case you are looking at protecting the coffee table from overuse on the surface, you can coat the table top using a clear gloss.

Some more Ideas
If you have had enough of wood furniture at your place, you need not go for an all-wood table. Go to an antique store, or if you have one at home, find something which is right size for a coffee table and make it into a proper table by having a piece of glass on it. Make sure it does not wobble. In this manner you can make a coffee table using unimaginable yet useful things and add that jazzy touch to your house. You can also have a square coffee table! If you are innovative, you can even use lamps and a slab of glass to build a coffee table.

Ultimately, all you need is imagination and the creativity and the ability to think out of the box! Who said a coffee table has to be made of wood?! This is where I sign off!