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Brick Wall Construction

Brick Wall Construction
Contrary to what many people believe, the construction of a brick wall is not really a difficult task, especially if you have a step-by-step guide at your disposal.
Abhijit Naik
Last Updated: Feb 19, 2019
Building a brick wall is not as difficult as its seems; you just need to get the basics right. Choosing good quality material and putting your efforts are the two factors which play a crucial role in this task.
More importantly, by building it on your own, you also save a decent sum of money. The investment involved will include the money spent in buying the necessary material and some of your valuable time―ideally a weekend.
Brick Wall Requirements
House Bricks
The overall cost incurred will depend on the quality of the building material you use and where you get it from. We recommend buying good quality bricks and cement even if it costs a bit extra, as that will directly reflect on the longevity of your wall.
Brick and mason tools
Other than bricks, cement, and water, you will also require some masonry tools, like a trowel, i.e., a small hand tool with a flat metal blade, shovel, a level indicator for horizontal surfaces, measuring tape, etc. Once you are ready with all these tools, you can start with the building process.
Brick Wall Construction Guide
Brick Wall Construction
The durability of the brick wall depends on the foundation or footing of the wall, and thus, it should be strong enough to the carry the entire load.
The ratio of the wall and foundation should ideally be 3:1, which means for every three feet of the wall above the ground, you should have a foot deep foundation. If you want to construct a six feet wall, its foundation should be two feet.
Ideally, the foundation should be in an inverted T shape, with the extra footing on either side of the wall. If you intend to build a brick wall of the width of two bricks, your foundation should have the width of 4 bricks.
Cement Mixer
You can begin by digging the ground and laying the foundation using mortar mix and bricks. Mortar mix is prepared by mixing cement, sand, and water.
cement concrete
Follow the manufacturer's instructions to decide on the proportion of these materials. Too dry or too wet mortar will not be suitable for construction.
Make sure that there are no gaps in the foundation. Fill all the gaps using the trowel to feed the mortar in them. Once the foundation is laid, allow it to dry for sometime. After it dries, you can start the construction of the remaining wall. 
Pour some water on the bricks to make them wet, so that they don't absorb water from the mortar and make it dry powdery and ineffective. Start the construction from one side of the foundation. Using the trowel prepare a layer of mortar on the foundation and keep a brick each on either ends. Take a cord and fasten it around the bricks.
This cord will ensure that the alignment of bricks is in a straight line. Once the cord is in place, put some mortar along the base and set the brick on it. After the first brick is set, put some mortar on the side and set the second brick. Continue in similar sequence until the entire layer is done.
You will have to be careful not to leave any space between these bricks. With the trowel you will have to fill all the visible gaps. Use the level indicator to ensure that all the bricks are properly aligned. Start with the second layer of bricks in similar fashion as you did the first one. Continue with subsequent layers until you get the desired height.
Allow it to dry for the next 24 hours and your brick wall is complete. In order to make the wall clean and presentable, you will have to brush off the excess mortar on it. If you intend to build a wall with stone, the basic process will remain the same. However, you might have to abide by some specific instructions required for that particular stone type.