Brick Fireplace Makeover

Rimlee Bhuyan Oct 25, 2018
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If your old brick fireplace does not look very polished and put together, then you need to remodel it. Here, we are going to discuss how you can give a makeover to a plain old brick fireplace and make it the focal point of your room.
If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your living room, then you must have enjoyed the warmth and comfort it provides. Having a fireplace is no doubt very nice, but after some years it tends to look shabby and dirty.
If this is the case with your brick fireplace, then you need to remodel it. Transforming your old brick fireplace into a totally new and updated avatar is not that tough, and all you need is a few innovative ideas.

Makeover Ideas

One of the easiest ways to spruce up a dreary looking brick fireplace is to give it a coat of paint. A pristine white fireplace looks great in room and leaves you with a lot of leeway to decorate it with wreaths, vases, paintings, and photo frames.
Over time, a fireplace becomes shabby looking and dirty due to staining from the burning logs. Painting the fireplace helps you to camouflage all these stains giving it a fresh new look.
If you are not looking to make significant changes, and want a simple look, then you can consider adding a glass door to the fireplace. Heat-proof, tough glass can be installed over the hearth and this will not only add a touch of modernity to the fireplace, but also keep the smoke and dust out.
You can also reface it using tiles or Italian marbles. Matt-finish, fire proof tiles are the best choice here. Tiles or Italian marble cannot be installed directly on your existing brick surface, and you need to install a backer board over the bricks first.
This will of course require the skills of a professional, who can give the fireplace a finished look. You can decorate the wall behind the fireplace with a beautiful stained glass painting or a mirror with an antique frame.
Having a floor to ceiling fireplace in a modern living room, can look a bit outdated. But there is a way to remedy that without tearing down the whole fireplace. Install slate tiles over the bottom surround of the brick fireplace and add a beautiful mantel to make it look sleek.
You can also add crown moldings in a natural wood finish to give warmth to the room. The upper portion of the fireplace can be converted into niches or shelves for displaying books, or for placing showpieces and medals. Another good way to give a floor to ceiling fireplace a makeover is to install river stones or cultured stones over the bricks.
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