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Brick Fireplace Designs

Marlene Alphonse Dec 24, 2018
Brick fireplace designs must be planned in such a way that they synchronize well with the furniture and enhance the ambiance of the room. There are different types of designs that suit according to the size of the room for you to choose from, if you are building a new fireplace or remodeling the old one.
A word synonymous with winters is a warm, cozy fire crackling away and spreading warmth. Who wouldn't love to laze in front of a fireplace on a cold winters evening? You can come across beautiful design ideas to build a fireplace. The best thing about them is that they cannot only be in the living room, but also in the bedroom, kitchen and even the bathroom.
Outdoors are another excellent location and it depends on where you want your special place to be. Fireplaces can be built using a variety of materials like brick, stone, concrete and sometimes even wood.

Brick Fireplace Ideas

Fireplaces are mostly permanent, so you must be sure of what material you want to use, the size and the location, as rebuilding is not only time-consuming, but it can also affect the appearance of the room.
Brick designs are one of the most traditional designs that can be seen in most homes. Building a brick fireplace requires a proper plan and can be a bit time-consuming. But once you have a perfect plan and execute it well, then you can enjoy it for the rest of your lifetime.
A traditional brick fireplace can be transformed into a trendy one by installing glass doors to create an open and shut fireplace. This design will not only give your room an altogether different look but also act as a safety measure if you have small children in your house.
Another advantage of glass doors is that there is a considerable reduction in the accumulation of dust in and around the firebox. You can use glass doors even if the building material is stone.
Another idea for making your design come alive is to decorate the surrounding wall and the mantel. You can place potted plants on the mantel or even photo frames.
The surrounding wall can also be decorated with wall hangings or tiles can be fixed in unique patterns. These mantel decorating ideas, along with the surrounding wall are sure to be attention grabbers.
Fireplaces can also be built outdoors or in the yard of your house. For the outdoor fireplace you can make the use of bricks and concrete. Outdoor brick fireplaces can make your garden look more attractive.
Before you build an one, you must decide on the place and size of the fireplace. In the garden, you can build your fireplace in the center or in some corner, from where you are able to enjoy it. You can build in the patio to give the outdoors a cozy look.
You can add decorative pieces, to your brick fireplace and experiment with several mantel ideas to make it your style statement. So you are finally done with building a comfortable fireplace. You must also be aware of some of the problems, as a precaution. Enliven the atmosphere of your room or your yard by using these unique brick fireplace designs.