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Bow Window Treatments to Revamp Your Home

Aarti R Oct 23, 2018
Bow windows are an interior delight to any home that comes with this sort of indoor design. You can do so much to these pretty kind of windows, experimenting with the look and feel to find what's right for your home.
A bow window is a tall-structured opening that has a prominent curvy protuberance when viewed from the outside. From the inside, the concave bend adds spaciousness to a home's interiors, while inviting an abundant inflow of sunlight.
Bay windows on the other hand are either squared, hexagonal, or octagonal in shape and designed to look like a niche in the wall to create an illusion of extra space. There are varied ways on how you can turn bow windows into a spectacle from the inside and out.

Bow Window Treatment Ideas

While the suggestions are highly simple to execute, they are nonetheless functional, vibrant, eye-pleasing, and within the common man's budget.
Drapes, valances or even blinds are an idyllic addition to any set of bow windows. They add grandeur to a room if you opt for plush material like velvet, or classic detailing with bishop sleeve curtains. Valances come in all kinds of shapes and sizes depending on how you've decorated your home.
You can go for decorative petal valances or those with scallop details. Make sure the colors of these additions complement the palette that your home is bathed in, or it will clash in an unpleasant fashion. Don't just consider the color of the walls, but even your furniture and other household additions.
Who doesn't love it when the presence of flowers naturally turn backyards (or interiors) into a picturesque painting? It's amazing how any kind of flower or flowerless plant can complement the simplest of settings, while making your home look extraordinary. 
Those with green thumbs will love how the addition of plants create such a breathtaking sight. Experiment with flowers that promise tons of color like roses, daffodils, sunflowers, spider lilies, orchids, goldenrod, and sedums. Don't be afraid to try out ways that include a number of potted beauties, since anything in its natural goodness is always welcomed.
It's interesting to see how homeowners play with daring colors to bring out a sense of wackiness that is still tasteful. Playing with neon hues is always challenging but if done right, it can take on a whole new dimension. Juggle with muted tones that give off a subtle but obvious impact with shades like blue, pink, red, or burnt orange.
It's a refreshing change when homes have windows with the kind of design that manipulates sunlight by displaying a playful, magical vision of sorts. Gridlock patterns, stained glass artwork, textured work and the like, are your go-to options.
The images represented are a combined presentation of bow and bay windows where the treatment methods work for both designs, being quite similar in their make.
When working with bow windows you can always ask an interior designer to help you decide on what kind of look would work best, if you're particular about how it should look in your home. Look for more suggestions on the Internet on how you can turn your bow windows into works of art.