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Bohemian Style Bedroom Ideas to Vibrantly Jazz Up Your Room

Bohemian Style Bedroom Ideas
If you need some ideas on how to go about decorating your bedroom the bohemian style, you are at the right place. Decorating in the bohemian style involves using a lot of colors to make your bedroom look vibrant and colorful.
Sailee Kale
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2019
What Does Bohemian Mean?
Bohemian is a word associated with non-conformance, and all things that are unconventional. It originated from Bohemia, a historical area in Central Europe, whose inhabitants went against the rigid rules of society.
Today, it applies to those who do not abide by the norms and prefer to live life by their own standards. Designing a bohemian style bedroom is a whole lot of fun and you can use all your creativity and ideas to come up with the most unconventional bedroom makeovers.
It is easy and not very expensive either. Boldness of color is the most prominent aspect in any bohemian style d├ęcor. It may seem odd, even eccentric, but the idea is not to do anything that you might do with a regular bedroom.
Creating Bohemian Style Bedrooms
Bohemian Bedroom Walls
Start designing the bedroom by painting the walls in any deep, bright color of your choice. Choose from red, orange, hot pink, bright blue, etc. Plan on an accent wall with a different color altogether.
You could even use a vividly colored or textured wallpaper to decorate your walls. Another option is to bedeck the walls by pasting faux jewels and a whole lot of glitter all over it. Hang mosaic artwork or colorful tapestries made of hand-woven fabric replete with pictorial designs.
Linen for Bohemian Bedrooms
pink bohemian style bedroom
For the linen, use rich, deep colors. Use shades that contrasts with the color of your walls. Use bright prints for your pillow covers. Spread patchwork quilts over your bedspreads.
Use silk scarves over your bolsters or hang them alongside curtains. If your floor lacks carpeting, go for area rugs that are made of geometric patterns. Replace chairs with ottomans. A great option is to use Moroccan poufs, which will enhance the look of your room and give it a gypsy-like feel.
Bohemian Beds with Canopies
luxury bohemian bedroom
If you have a four-poster bed with a canopy, adorn it with tassels, or string colorful beads together and hang them over the canopy.
You could also drape sheer silk fabric or colorful ribbons over the canopy and bed cover. Hand beaded curtains over windows and doors. A mosquito net over the canopy, or hung on the walls, is another great idea.
Accessories for Bohemian Bedrooms
bohemian accessories
Buy accessories that will spruce up your room. Go for shopping in thrift stores, flea markets, antiques shops, or even yard sales, where you can find a lot of stuff for your room without putting a strain your wallet.
Buy small statues, exotic lampshades, trinkets, wall hangings, art pieces, candelabras, funky pottery, old lanterns, etc., which ideally are not a part of a standard bedroom. Place them above the headboard, on the dressers and sideboards, etc.
Furnishings For Bohemian Bedrooms
Morrocan Style Bohemian Bedroom
If you love music, adorn your walls with posters of your favorite bands. You will get a retro look of the 1960s. You can use old furniture that you have not used in ages, just because it was outdated.
Get it out, clean it, and adorn it with bright colored throws. Place colored glass vases with real or silk flowers along with sculptures to get a bohemian feel. Soft lighting is also important for a cozy feeling. Hang a crystal chandelier and deck it with sequined fabric or a chain of beads.
Mauve Bohemian Bedroom
When it comes to using the bohemian style to decorate your bedroom, there is no dearth of ideas. The possibilities are endless. Don't opt for neutral colors or minimalist art for the room decor.
The more the accessories in your room, the more bohemian it is! Don't be scared to go overboard with your decoration. Use a splash of vibrant colors. Mix and match eclectic art pieces and jazz up your bedroom.