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Blinds for Windows and Doors

Mamta Mule Dec 18, 2018
You can add a style element to your home decor by adding blinds for windows and doors. With the number of options available in these, you are sure to find one to grace your doors and windows, no matter what style.
Planning to redo your home? Then you must have decided the type of flooring, wall colors, and furniture to be placed in. What about the window treatments? No need to mention that this plays a major role in the overall appearance of your house once the rest of the interior decorating is done.
So, what have you decided to use for gracing the doors and windows, curtains and drapes? You can have classic and elegant looking blinds for them. These are available in a huge variety, and you can choose from these the style that goes well with your home decor.

Types of Blinds

Roll Up Blinds

These come in a number of designs and material options. From bamboo to PVC, pick any material that suits your requirements and get it installed. If you are putting them on patio door or doors in an area that might get wet, consider the ones that are waterproof.
You could also check out faux wood blinds, or colored basswood roll up blinds. Choose from the various roll up patterns and designs in these materials. You can also buy designer pieces to cover the glass patio doors and enhance the beauty of the area. Designer blinds will not only look great from inside, but from outside as well.

Magnetic Blinds

If you have metal windows and doors, then here's a good option to consider. Magnetic blinds for metal doors and windows look clean and classy. These are easy to install and add privacy too.
No tools are required to hang these on metal or steel doors and windows. You can also get aluminum blinds, which need to be simply snapped in the magnetic brackets, which easily adhere to the metal doors and windows.
If you are searching for blinds with a 'no-drill' feature, these are the perfect ones to be checked out. What's more, you can also have magnetic blinds for French doors, for both styles, swinging and sliding ones.

Built-In Blinds

These are placed between the window and door panels. With these, you have a dust-free decor with the privacy element and restrict the sunlight entering your rooms.
These have the strings with adjusting knobs to open and close them as required. If you stayed away from installing mini-blinds, you can consider having these now in the built-in pattern. You can also have these installed in French door frames.
Apart from these options, there are many others which you can consider. Vertical blinds are best for sliding doors, as these can be moved at a side just like the door slides on a side. Make sure you explore the colors, materials, and design patterns available in each type of blinds and choose one that rightly complements your home decor and spice it up!