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Blinds for Shower Window

Blinds for Shower Window
Blinds are the perfect coverings for the shower area and even the entire bathroom window. Make sure you go through the things to consider mentioned below such as the materials used, designs, and utility before picking one for your home.
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Shower windows are among the few elements in your bathroom which you can play up to add spice to the appearance of your shower room. With a vertical or horizontal, small or huge window in this area, which would provide natural illumination, privacy can be a concern. Window treatment is often restricted till drapes of regular materials. However, drapes look nice only for a few days, but later you might end up looking at the mildewed fabric every time you take a shower! Many a time, regular wooden blinds are chosen, which don't last long in the moist and damp area. While choosing a window treatment for the bathrooms, you need to check out the numerous options available in the market which are specially designed for this purpose. Read on through the following paragraphs to find the best option in blinds for shower windows.
Things To Consider When Buying a Blind
When you purchase blinds, the first thing to remember is that they must be waterproof. It does not matter whether these come in contact with water or not, they must be suitable for moist and humid condiions. In shower areas, there is a lot of moisture which slowly damages the coverings which are not waterproof. You can also pick ones which slightly reduce the light entering this area. In any case, privacy is the main concern and shades must be chosen so that they provide complete privacy.
Options and Ideas
One must consider, the material, design, and utility of the blinds out of the various options available in the market. A few ideas are mentioned in the following paragraphs to help you make your choice.
Vinyl and Aluminum Blinds
Vinyl blinds are among the best options you can go for. There are a number of varieties available in PVC rollers, both horizontal and vertical. You can choose blackout blinds if you want to dramatically reduce the light entering your shower area. Aluminum venetian blinds are also a good choice with water-resistant properties. These consist of horizontally placed overlapping slats with a string which allow you to open and close them in various angles as desired. You can either completely close them or keep them open in an angle maintaining a balance between privacy and illumination.
Wood Options
Many people believe that the look of wooden coverings is unmatchable and it looks extremely classy. However, if you get regular wooden blinds for your bathroom, they are sure to get damaged. Go for the ones which are treated to be waterproof and hence, are suitable for shower rooms and wet rooms. Check out the faux wood options which are a synthetic alternative to wooden ones. These are suitable for bathroom window shades which are actually made of PVC, but look like wooden blinds to common observers.
Designs and Utility
Roll ups are the most popular choice. Plantation shutters are also quite popular. These consist of broad horizontal slats which when opened, allow free flow of air in and out keeping the area fresh and cool. However, you must check out those made in plastic and various composites instead of wood so that they will be perfect for your bathrooms.
Waterproof blinds are surely a smart choice to add long-lasting beauty along with privacy. Also remember that the vertical blinds are best avoided as you cannot get complete privacy with most of these. Horizontal and roll ups, along with those in overlapping slats, are the best. Go for colors to match your bathroom decor theme and add a new style element to it. Placing a few small plants around the window will enhance its look. Checkout the huge variety available before you decide on one.
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