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Blinds for Arched Windows

Blinds for Arched Windows
Installing blinds for arched windows rightly plays up the beauty of these curved structures. With the right colors and material, a simple room can be converted into a plush space. Here's how...
Mamta Mule
Closeup of the Bright Colored Facade of a Building
If you have arched windows or are planning to add these to your room, then you might be wondering about the window treatment for them. While you can use regular curtains and drapes, the styles in which these are stitched might vary a lot. Though curtains are a fave of many, blinds are a staple of interior designers, when it comes to gracing windows. Blinds give a crisp look to these windows, and restore the beauty of their shape, which curtains might hide.
Covering the Arches
Arched windows add a unique dimension to a room. But many find the task of covering these sophisticated windows a tough one. Well, let me tell you that, adding blinds to the arch, which is the primary part of the entire window, is quite easy. There are blinds available in the market which can cover the window and open up as required. You can pick the manual ones or go in for the motorized blinds as well. These nicely cover the arch shape, and help the area blend well with the rest of the window. So, you can either opt for pre-made blinds or order and get a custom-made one. Make sure that the type of blinds used for the arched area and lower rectangular or square part is the same, or perfectly complement each other.
Horizontal Blinds
If you have tall windows with an arch, the horizontal ones can be a great pick. You can have two separate sections of blinds in this case. Wooden blinds look awesome. Get the roll-up bamboo blinds installed, and have a perfect looking arched window. You can go in for shutter blinds or pleated horizontal fabric blinds as well. Choose blinds in plain colors or simple prints. Light colors are the best to be used for these windows.
Vertical Blinds
Vertical blinds are the best ones for half arches. Half arches are usually a bit curved, where you can easily fit vertical blind runners. Vertical blinds in solid colors or soft designs are the best picks to spice up your interiors. These blinds must be used when you have long windows. Instead of having 3 - 4 slots of horizontal blinds, vertical blinds are a better pick. You can have these for complete or half-arched windows.
While adding blinds, colors and combos matter a lot. If you are fitting wooden blinds, then it is best to have the entire set in single color and type of wood. When fixing vinyl or fabric blinds, you have a lot of color options. You can have the arched part covered in plain solid color, and the lower part in printed patterns with the same background color as used for the arch. Further, make sure that the window frame looks bold enough. This will ensure that the blinds do not overshadow the basic arch structure.