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Black and White Bedroom Ideas

Shalu Bhatti Jan 25, 2019
Trying to add the effects of yin and yang in your bedroom? Here's an insight into the 'Black and White Bedroom' ideas to help you make your 'blurred idea' clear!
Planning to get your bedroom redone in your choice of colors? Well, if you opt for black and white, then you have a classy taste indeed! The combination is favoured by many when it comes to apparels, but there are not many who would use these shades for the interior of a bedroom.
You might not get the liberty to decorate the entire house as per your wish, but your bedroom is your territory! Not only is it commendable, but it also needs a lot of research and analysis to ensure that you get what you're hoping for.

Black and White Bedroom

Black and white bedroom ideas show the co-existence of the extreme natures that all of us tend to possess. While you may just go for these two colors because they happen to be your favorite, usually, the combination of these two shades reflect the yin and yang nature of life. Your bedroom colors are usually taken as the colors of your personality.
Therefore, if you are one of those who is extreme in his/her demeanor, as in, everything is black and white and there seems to be no gray for you, then go ahead and decorate your dream black and white bedroom.

Some Great Black and White Bedroom Samples








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Black and White Bedroom Ideas For Teenage Girls

Teenage, the time to explore, experiment, evaluate, choose and create new trends! For a teenage girl to have a black and white bedroom, psychologically depicts her confronting the negative and positive. Here is what can be done to make the bedroom the best of its kind.


Whether you would want a wall colored white or black, completely depends on your choice and personality! If you are the extreme kind, then you could choose white, if you would like your walls bright, or black, if you like it dark and want to give your bedroom a cave like feel.
You can paint your walls in patterns and designs. For girls, a plain white wall with pitch black prints of flowers, butterflies, birds, or stars; or black wall with snow white prints, would give your bedroom a wonderful look!


Keep the flooring simply white or black.  White is recommended, as it will give a base to the furniture and accessories you would keep in your bedroom. White would enhance them more efficiently. If you like the floor to be with designs, go for designs that have a neutral impact on the furniture and accessories.


Choose the bed which has only one color and not both black and white. Why? Because the single color of bed would enhance the look of the black and white pattern bedding.
The side tables, dressing table and study table can have a combination of both colors, but it's advisable to have more of one color (white or black), and less of the other. For example, if your dressing table is all white, the knobs/handles can be black. You can also go for other colors like red lamps, to accentuate the black and white effect.


Accessories like bedding, curtains, lamps, carpets, paintings/pictures should be placed in such a way that the look of the bedroom is clear, not only in terms of 'cleanliness' but also the look and perception should be clean. Also, always choose the color of the accessory opposite to the color of the base or background.
For example, if your walls are white, choose the curtain design which has more of black. If your side tables are white, a black lamp would look perfect on them!

Vintage Black and White Bedroom Ideas

Vintage black and white bedroom ideas are creatively interesting! Why? Because they are a mixture of the old is gold classic theme, along with the ultra modern combination of black and white!


Create a unique bedroom wall design with the classy toile print fabrics! These prints have been an all time favorite choice for centuries. Using these prints on your walls, will give you an 18th century French feel!


Go for plain white base with black polka dots on it. You can also try a checked flooring with the combination of black and white, this would give your bedroom a mid century feel.


Vintage furniture to go with a black and white bedroom should be well picked and well placed! Look for antique wood furniture having a metallic touch to it, a beautiful chandelier, carved designs on the furniture and arc designs to give your bedroom a vintage effect!


Accessorize your bedroom with toile print curtains, if not toile, then a lot of floral prints would also do. Place fancy items like a vintage white jewelry box on the dressing table with black carvings, same goes for the lamps.
Choose classy paintings and pictures while bedroom decorating and while placing the layouts. Choose various vases, cups, plates and ornate accessories to display in the room.

Modern Black and White Bedroom Ideas

The combination of black and white, have always been the reason for some of the greatest interiors. Although the style and approach has changed with time to give it a more modern appeal, the magic that these colors create is mesmerizing!


To give your bedroom a modern yet classy feel, avoid designs and patterns on the walls. Wall color combinations of the main wall of the room can be colored in black and white horizontal stripes to make it stand out. But make sure that the rest of the wall is colored in one color only so that the accessories and the main wall stands out!


Plain flooring looks best. Choose any color from either black and white! The flooring enhances due to the texture/material used for it. Polished hardwood flooring or ceramic tiles flooring will give your bedroom a classy and modern feel!


The furniture should be simple and classy. Avoid designs and carvings on the furniture if you want to give your bedroom a complete modern look! Italian furniture designs are best suited for modern bedrooms. Go for both, completely black and white furniture.
Choose a wardrobe which has sliding doors, make sure your bedroom has glossy furniture, scratch resistance and clean finish to give your bedroom a neat and tidy feel.


Choose the accessories that complement the background/base. If the flooring is white, go for a black carpet. If the walls are white, accessorize them with black picture frames. If the side tables are white, select black lamp shades. This combination will give your bedroom a minimal yet relaxing appeal.
These ideas should help you get a clear picture of how you want your bedroom to be. Use your creativity and judgment to come up with ideas to decorate a bedroom with black and white, the evergreen combination of all times.