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Black Living Room Furniture

Aastha Dogra Dec 17, 2018
Decorating the living room with black furniture will give you an opportunity to use a number of colors in your room, by the way of fabric and accessories.
Modern black living room furniture, whether made of leather or wood, lends a very sophisticated look to the room. Earlier, people used to be very apprehensive about using black furnishings as it was a widely held belief that they will make the room look dark, gloomy, and small.
On the contrary, if used intelligently with contrasting elements, it can make the interiors look very classy. So, if you have bought a sofa and other items, such as bookcases, coffee tables, side tables, entertainment units, display units, etc., in black, and are wondering about how to do the interiors, then look no further!

Wall paint

Make sure that the walls are painted in some neutral color. When the walls are painted in a light color, the furniture gets highlighted beautifully. An ideal living room color scheme with black furnishings is light beige. You may add accents and shades of brown at various places on the wall to give the room a sophisticated brown-beige-black look.


The flooring should be light-colored. Whether it is wood flooring or ceramic tile flooring, see to it that its color is in total contrast to the furniture and makes it stand out.
In case the flooring is of a dark color and you do not want to invest money in getting it changed, then placing a light-colored rug on the floor will do the trick. Another thing that has to be considered here is that the floor and wall paint color should not be the same.
Although both should be of a light color, there should still be some difference and contrast present. For example, if you are going in for the light beige-brown wall paint, then the flooring should be dark beige.

Accessories and Lighting

Choose the accessories that add a lot of color to the room. A large vase with multicolored flowers or a wall hanging made using a plethora of colors or a huge painting will be ideal.
With black furnishings, it is best not to add too many accessories, but add lot of color to the room to break the black. To do that, you can throw pillows and cushions of various colors and designs on your sofa. Or you can keep a line-up of red and green vases on the side of your sofa.
Add as much lighting to the room as possible, by way of both artificial lights as well as sunlight. One of the best drapery ideas is to use sheer curtains on the windows and pull them back during the day to let natural light in.

Red and Black Furniture

If even after using a host of colors in your room, you still feel that the black color is overwhelming, then paint some of the items such as bookshelves, the display table, or the side table in red.
For example, when painting a bookcase, paint only the inside in red, while leaving the black as it is on the outside. In the same way you can paint the coffee tables or side tables in red from the inside to give a contrasting look.
When decorating your living room, always think of the furniture as your base, from which everything else be it wall colors, flooring, or fabric are emerging. They should all be in striking enough colors and designs, to bring out the beauty of the room.