Black Kitchen Cabinets

Puja Lalwani Dec 20, 2018
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The favorite color of many is black and has made its way right into the kitchen, with the reemergence of black kitchen cabinets. Use these versatile pieces of furniture to design a perfect one around them.
Black is a color that speaks complete elegance and style. What's more, it is so versatile that it can be used in both, a contemporary as well as a traditional setting. Why not use the charm of this color to create a style statement then, and design your kitchen with black cabinets?
Now, as beautiful as it may look, this is the color you have to play safe with. While a little can add the much-needed missing element from your overall design, an excess can ruin the look of your kitchen and make it drab, overpowering, and even claustrophobic.
On the positive side, this color can be combined with almost every other one to create a wonderful color combination that speaks for itself. This also adds that little touch of elegance and sophistication that changes that 'Oh, no' to an 'oh, yeah!'

How to Choose the Best Ones?

A lot of factors decide whether or not you should choose black. For one, the size of your kitchen matters a lot. If you have a small one, having completely black-colored ones can make it look much smaller and cluttered.
In such a case, using a dash of black in these furniture pieces, along with a lighter color such as white, can help you give it a style, as well as prevent it from looking too cluttered. On the other hand, a large kitchen is the perfect place to introduce them in different styles, depending on the theme you are following for the same.
Lighting is another important factor in a kitchen. If it is situated in a dark corner, having such furniture pieces is not such a great idea. If it is well-lit, then black in combination with a lighter color will allow for a great reflection of the natural light, and help you express your style with panache.
Finally, the overall kitchen d├ęcor also determines their suitability. Create a theme by which you can easily accommodate that color in your cabinets, without making it too overpowering or out of place. The ones that define the modernity of design or a rustic theme can all be a great way of introducing this color in your favorite place.

Some Interesting Ideas

Keep in mind that your theme should be applicable to your whole house and not just your kitchen. You don't want it to stick out like a sore thumb because of your desire to solely revamp your kitchen. The overall theme does not have to be blatantly prominent, but elements of a particular theme must be present all over your house for a better effect.

The Contemporary Theme

Contemporary designs are all about sleek lines and solid colors, with no room for unnecessary elements and softness. You have to be careful while choosing the cabinets to suit this theme. Ensure that the cabinets are sleek and flat, without any molding or the like.
To achieve this look, you can simply have painted ones, which will allow you to give them a high-gloss finish that speaks contemporary through and through. Matte finish silver handles, or handle-free cabinets are perfect to complete this look.
To solidify this look as a contemporary design, opt for a gray granite countertop and, perhaps, a red backdrop against which the black color will stand out. If you find red too bold, it is safe to stick to white as this combination is also perfect.
Use gray and white with a dash of red to create the perfect combination. The combination can also be attained in terms of such black furniture pieces and white flooring and red chairs at your breakfast table. Also, use a bright backsplash to complete this look. Nothing speaks contemporary better than this one.

The Rustic Theme

Though this theme centers more around wooden colors and elements, you can incorporate black into your theme. One of the best ways to do so is by installing distressed cabinets that will not look too modern and, in fact, fit in perfectly with your overall design.
For the best look, don't combine these pieces of furniture with any other color, or they will take away the attention from the distressed furniture pattern you have tried to create. With their well-defined molding and similar elements, they are the most suitable choice for this theme.
Use warm colors such as the rich, golden-yellow backdrop or even kitchen countertops in this color, against which the cabinets will stand out, to create a comfortable, cozy combination while working around this theme. An important element to consider in this overall theme is the flooring. Nothing speaks rustic more than the diamond tile pattern.
A black-and-white, diamond-checkered pattern on the floor will help you complete the look. Of course, you can always experiment with the flooring patterns, but this is one of the traditional looks that completes almost any room based on a rustic theme.

The Traditional Theme

A lot of us refuse to accept the ever-changing trends in the world of design and wish to stick to the confines of traditional design and that belief defines our personal style. Black is so versatile a color that it can be molded into any design and any theme.
As such, incorporate such antique cabinets into your traditional kitchen design.
These are actually similar to the ones that have been mentioned in the rustic theme, minus the distressed look. The unique motifs that adorn them, along with the molding and traditional handles, all speak for themselves when used.
Use marble, instead of granite, for the ultimate traditional appeal. Incorporate yellow lights and not the contemporary white ones for a warm feel. Combine these cabinets with redwood flooring and some unique colors, and create a unique combination of a traditional-yet-rustic appearance.
You have just witnessed how these can be molded to fit within any kitchen design. As such, depending on your personal style and taste, choose from any of the aforementioned designs, or why not create a unique theme for it that reflects your personal style?
The variety is immense and the choices, endless. Gift yourself the luxury of working in a well-designed kitchen, and enjoy all that it has to offer.
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