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Best Stair Lifts

Best Stair Lifts

Stair lifts have become of the essential and extremely useful accessibility elements for multi-storey homes where any inidvidual having mobility problem resides.
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If there are physically handicapped or senior members in your family, stair lifts can be the best addition to your home. These lifts are not a luxury but a necessity for individuals having problem walking or climbing stairs. These offer convenience and accessibility to the stairway for such people. With chair lifts installed alongside the stairway, elderly members and physically challenged individuals don't need to restrict their movement and can move to any floors of your house without anyone's support. Well, if you are planning to install stair chair lift in your interiors then here are the details of best stair lifts in the market.

ThyssenKrupp Access Stair Lifts

You can find products from the range of ThyssenKrupp stair chair lifts that offer ultimate economical solutions for a lower budget. What's more, you can also customize the features of chosen chair lift to make it suitable for your requirements. With this option, you can have a chair lift that is designed exactly the way you want. Flow II, Comfort and Levant are the three products from ThyssenKrupp, out of which Flow II is can be installed over spiral, curved or straight stairway and rest of the chair lifts are best picks for straight staircase.

AmeriGlide Stair Lifts

AmeriGlide is a popular name in the world of lift solutions. AmeriGlide has a good range of accessibility solutions for the physically handicapped individuals. Browse through the range from this brand and you can find pieces that help transport individuals upstairs and downstairs with ultimate comfort and ease. The chair lift has simple controls which can be easily managed by seniors and individuals having mobility problems. What's more, these lifts are also known to be amongst the least priced pieces in the segment. You can opt for a piece from this brand which has a separate range of electric-powered lifts, battery-powered lifts, heavy-duty lifts or factory reconditioned lifts.

Bruno Stair Lifts

Bruno, a global manufacturer of accessibility products which are designed for people challenged by limited mobility, has a separate product line of stair lifts for seniors and physically challenged individuals for straight rail and curved rail. Electra-Ride LT, Electra-Ride II and Electra-Ride Elite are the indoor stair lifts for straight rail. You can also checkout the Outdoor Electra-Ride Elite which is the best pick for outdoor stairway with straight rail. If you are looking for a curved rail stair chair lift, you can browse through the features and specifications of Electra-Ride III which is designed for curved stair railings.

Stannah Stair Lifts

Browse through the product line of Stannah chair lifts and you are sure to find a piece to match your requirements. Starla is the latest range which offers a well design piece with a user-friendly structure, elegant upholstery and two designs for straight and curved stairway. Saxon is low-priced lift for straight stairs which has a slim profile and only consists of the most essential features which reduces its overall cost. If you are looking for a classic model for curved stairs than Sarum is the piece to opt for. This is an easy to use and perfectly designed piece to move over the most complex curves of stair rails.

Make sure that you browse through the features and specifications of shortlisted products. The prices vary according to the brands and features that a piece offers. You can browse through the reviews to know about the top rated pieces and latest entrants in this segment.