How To Select The Best Roofing Shingles

Medha Godbole Dec 19, 2018
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A number of factors decide which ones are the best amongst all types of roofing shingles. It is according to your needs that it would be decided. Let's see how to select the best roofing shingles.
Roofing shingles are one of the most important parts if you are looking for a sturdy and well-protected home. They not only are a necessity, but also provide a distinct look and identity to a house. Roof shingles are a covering for the roof, with separate overlapping elements.
Home improvement, in many cases, may involve working on them. These are typically flat, rectangular in shape, and are laid in rows. The edges do not overlap. For resistance to water, a single layer is used.
These are available in different materials: slate, asbestos-cement, wood, asphalt, fiberglass-based asphalt, and ceramic. Which amongst these is the best, is tough to say, as each is good for different situations and needs. Find the criteria for selecting the best suitable shingles, listed next.

Selecting the Best Roofing Shingle

Looks Matter

Well, if you are a sucker for looks, and want nothing else but a grand and royal look, may be you can think of cedar shingles for roofing. Although they are naturally beautiful, they lack versatility. As compared to them, composite ones have a host of styles and colors to offer. Moreover, you can choose a design to match your home exteriors.


A major aspect for deciding on the best choice, is their durability and strength. In case of durability, composite roofing shingles again earn brownie points. They are durable and dent-resistant, though they can loosen in bad whether.
Wood is also good, but with the problem of rotting and other types of damage. In areas where it snows, metal ones can prove to be the practical choice.

Shingling (a)Long

Another factor is longevity. Metal, fiberglass-based asphalt, composite, and wood shingles, all are pretty much long-lasting. Composite shingles last between 15-30 years.
Wooden ones, if properly taken care of, can last for more than 30 years, going till 50 years. The only issue with them is that they are not resistant to fire. Those made from slate are gaining in popularity, and are quite durable, lasting around 30 years or more.

To Each his Own

The climate is not the same all over the globe. So the location and climate have to be considered while getting the roofing shingles. Further, according to experts, best ones are those which are environment-friendly.
Fiberglass composition is believed to be environment-friendly. That is, because they are made from recycled material. Wood shingles provide insulation naturally, cutting down on energy usage.

Stalling, Installing?

Ease of installation is an important factor. Wood shingles may require professional help to be installed, while composite ones are comparatively easier to install.

Some Tips

  • While buying the roofing shingles, always see the warranty. Three tab and laminated shingles typically have longer guarantee periods.
  • Thinking of the climate you live in will help you make the right choice.
  • The packaging labels are a good clue to ensure that the shingles are compliant.
  • Tile shingles are a good option if you are looking out for a different type of shingle. It is especially great for stucco homes and hot climates.
Finally, a search on the Internet, or in a white pages directory, will give you an idea about good manufacturers. You can then trot over to that store, and select the best roofing shingles to suit your purpose.