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Best Laminate Flooring Brand

Best Laminate Flooring Brand

If you are planning to give a quick and cheap makeover to your old floors, laminates can be the thing to opt for. Here are the details of top brands from the world of flooring which offer quality laminates. Read on and get to know about the collection that each of these brands offer.
Mamta Mule
Laminates are amongst the most popularly used types of flooring which are a big hit due to their lower prices as compared to other flooring options. Laminates are available in a wide range of designs and textures and you can also find pieces that look like systematically laid floors tiles. The flooring designs which closely resemble hardwood floors are amongst the most picked pieces. Laminate is a great flooring solution for covering your old floors without the need of working on the process of removing old flooring as laminates can also be directly installed on existing floors. Well, if you are planning to get your floors covered with the classy laminates, then there are a number of brands manufacturing laminate floors which can be checked out. Here's some information about the top picks in this category which will help you choose the best laminate flooring brand.

Top Brands to Choose From

Wilsonart offers a large product line of laminates, not only for the floors but for countertops, walls, doors and other surfaces as well. Its latest range, WilsonartHD which offers the first high-definition surfacing laminate solutions with properties like high durability, high drama and high-definition is a must checkout. You will find a number of colors and abstract design options in this collection of laminates from Wilsonart. If you're dreaming of having the best flooring on the market in your homes, checkout the custom laminates section from this brand which converts your art and design ideas into laminates that look just the way you want!

Shaw Floors
Shaw floors have a wide range of floor laminates in the latest styles and durable designs. With features like ease of installation and carefree maintenance, Shaw Floors definitely make a good choice which you can consider opting for. These laminates are available in bamboo, cherry, maple, oak, red oak, pine, natural stones and other exotic finishes. Each finish is available in light, dark and medium shade. Also checkout the Shaw's Luminiere collection which imparts energy and sparkle to your rooms with its glossy surface and classic colors.

Quick Step
Quick Step laminates have a number of laminate floor collections, each of which has a set of laminate floor designs which are more unique and beautiful than the other. Quick Step offers great quality floors and innovative designs which are unmatchable to any other products in the category. Allustra laminate wood flooring collection offers high gloss and smooth finish laminates in exotic wood designs. Classic laminate wood flooring collection features 2-strip or 3-strip planks which look much similar to narrow-strip hardwoods. Another collection is the Country laminate wood flooring collection which consists of lovely, hand-scraped textures which accentuates the natural wood grain designs. Apart from these Eligna, Home & Home Sound, Veresque, Modello, Perspective, Rustique and Sculptique are other popular collections which makes Quick Step the best brand, especially for those looking for unique designs. You can also browse through the Quadra collection which features lovely laminate tiles.

Find laminates resembling cherry, brich, acacia, ash, oak, maple, mahogany and designer woods as well in the wood collection of laminates from Pergo. You can also browse through the Minerals collection from Pergo which features laminates in ceramic, concrete and stone designs. Apart from these traditional designs, Pergo also offers an array of solid colored laminates in gray, black, white, electric blue, lime green, orchidea and red. It's Fashion collection which showcases designer pieces in abstract prints and tiny floral patterns as well is another must checkout lot of laminates.

Apart from these aforementioned brands there are many other good brands which offer quality laminates. Alloc, Mannington, Kronotex, BHK laminates, and Armstrong laminates are other nice brands which you can browse through. Also read the reviews which can help you finalize the pick.