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Best Hard Water Shower Filter

Best Hard Water Shower Filter

In hard water areas, there is a need for shower filters for various reasons. Find out which is the best hard water shower filter from the reviews coming up for your information. Take your pick.
Aparna Jadhav
Hard water is nothing but that water which composes of higher mineral content, such as Ca (+2) and Mg (+2) ions. Even though this water is not very hazardous to the human health, it can be harmful to domestic equipment, due to the deposition of these elements on their surfaces. Hard water does not lather like soft water, making it very difficult to be used for bathing and washing purposes. However, this is not a very serious problem, as there are specially designed shower filters which can separate out the high concentrations of ions to make the water softer for use. These shower filters are very easy to install on showerheads and you can enjoy a comfortable shower with lathered water! There are a number of manufacturers who have come up with various ideas and patterns of hard water filters. From the reviews put together in the paragraphs below, you can choose the best hard water shower filter for yourself. Read on.

Best Shower Filter for Hard Water

As mentioned above, hard water is not harmful for the body in any way, so why do you need a filter for hard water? Here's a detailed explanation why. Before water is sent to homes, it is collected as ground water, where it absorbs minerals such as calcium, magnesium and chlorine ions. When the water is saturated with these minerals, it becomes hard and can't lather when mixed with soap.

To reduce this hardness, there are specific filters which can either, only soften the water retaining these contaminants, or can act as water softener and eliminate the contaminants. The latter is what you would prefer when it comes to hard water regions. Therefore, for your information, we have a few shower filters for hard water, compiled in the paragraphs below. Pick the ones you think are the best shower filters for hard water according to your convenience.

Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System
This product by Aquasana is sold for $67.99 and is known to be one of the most popularly used hard water shower filters. There are many features of the product, where you will find a 2 stage water filter that is easy to install. It removes about 99% of the chlorine, heavy metals, and other chemical contaminants and enhances the pH of the water. The 2 stages function accordingly to remove these chemicals in a silent manner. There is no change in the shower head height because of installing this unit and you can enjoy a refreshing shower.

Culligan ISH-100 Level 2 Inline Shower Filter
Similar to the first product, the Level 2 Inline Shower Filter produced by Culligan manufacturers is also a great product in filtering hard water. It is sold for a price of $17.51 and can be used on any showerhead. It is an inline shower filter which doesn't include a showerhead. The manufacturers claim the product reduces the sulfur odor, filters the chlorine and softens the water to about 97% for a better showering experience. It is an easy to install unit and doesn't need tools.

Jonathan Product Beauty Water Shower Purification System
Sold for a price of $82.00, this hard water filter system is an advanced product from Jonathan Product. It comes with a showerhead that can be adjusted in any possible direction. The filter has a 2 stage purification process which removes harmful chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine, and VOCs. It softens the hair and skin and doesn't let hard water affect your hair. It also enhances the pH of the water, making it soft for use.

New Wave Enviro Premium Shower Filter System
Produced by New Wave, this shower filter system costs $29.90 and has a number of features as well. The shower filter uses KDF 55 to eradicate the chlorine effects thus softening hard water for use. Other features of the product are that the filtration unit fits on any standard showerheads and doesn't need tools for installation. The system lasts for a year and the cartridge can be replaced whenever required. It is a very efficient filtration system that is affordable and can be used on any showerhead, thus is popular.

Crystal Quest Chrome Hand-held Shower Water Filter
This can also be considered as the best hard water shower filter, because it is an efficient product manufactured by the Crystal Quest and sold at a convenient price of $51.45. It is a available in the hand-held shower that can be used as showerhead too. This too, is an easy to install unit and includes a 2 stage filtration mechanism. The cartridge is a reversible high capacity filter with a 1 year filtration capacity. It can eliminate, chemicals like chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, sulfur, VOCs, iron oxides, sediments, and other impurities often found in hard water.

With these products which are some of the most well-known and popularly used, you must have found the appropriate shower filter for yourself! So pick one, as they are all durable and affordable.