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Best Floors for Basements

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Mamta Mule Mar 12, 2019
Plethora of basement floor designs available on websites, online shopping sites, at home improvement stores and with basement finishing service providers triggers confusion for most of us. So, to sort that confusion, here are different points to remember that help give the basement floor the look and feel you desire, that too with prowess!

Best Flooring for Basements

If you are planning to convert the basement into a bedroom or guest room or even a basement bar, ceramics or vinyl tiles are a good choice. If you have a higher budget and your remodeling plans include converting this space into a grand looking area, natural flooring like granite is the top choice.
If your budget is higher and if the basement space is going to be converted into a playroom or a relaxing space, hardwoods can be a suitable pick. Laminates are next alternative in the list of best floors for basements.
Well, if you thought that laminates are way cheaper and low on quality, you have probably not checked out the latest pieces from the world of laminates. Leading manufactures of this type of flooring are having a range of premium quality laminates which not only look plush but also come with great features.
You can also look for low cost, yet good looking pieces if the budget is lower. Painting, carpeting and engineered flooring are other best basement flooring options which you can go for.

Floor Designing Ideas for Basements

Well, after finalizing the basement floors, comes the layout of basement. Remember, the right layout makes the basement look distinctive and not as common basement surfaces. If you have picked tiles for the flooring, use dual colored flooring or tiles with designer border work or place an attractive and large designer tile in center among plain tiles.
You can always use a different type, color or design of tiles to liven up a plain tiled floor surface. With inlays of glass or pebbles basement floors can be further enhanced. Another idea is having a hardwood flooring, with a certain area of floor covered with natural tiles instead of hardwood.
This can be done at the entrance or at the focal area of this space. You can spice up the laminate or carpet floors as well. Opt for plain and slightly textured laminates for covering entire basement floor.
Create a carpet effect at the entrance or center of the area by covering a rectangular patch with multiple decorative laminates forming a beautiful carpet design. As you walk down the staircase to enter the basement, this eye-catching patch is sure to heighten the visual appeal of your basement.
Creative layout and a mix of elements used to grace the floors can make simplest floor tiles look attractive. So, unleash your creativity and glamorize your basement with the best flooring option, laid in a unique way.