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Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi Dec 20, 2018
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When you plan to paint a concrete surface make sure you always use the best paint available in the market. It's very necessary that your concrete floor or wall looks attractive and classy, and you should have the appropriate knowledge about painting it.
Having concrete walls and floors are the new thing for house decor. They have a different texture and feel altogether. This is because their surface is rough and graveled.
Like every other part of your house a concrete floor or wall is important and should be kept well. Choosing an appropriate paint is very important as it helps beautify it and also prevent from moisture and various other problems.
Most people who have concrete surfaces in their homes have the same complaint that it doesn't look as attractive as it used to look before. As time passes by, it loses its looks and also gets the cracks, rust stains and dimples. This rough patch damages the overall look of the house.
Most people opt for a temporary solution which is covering the wall with various other materials. However, they forget the real thing is using a good paint for your wall. If you are looking for concrete paint, your painter can provide you with a lot of options. You can use a good quality paint and change the entire look of your surface.
Before starting to paint, make sure the surface is completely dry and free of leaks. To check if it has any leaks, tape down pieces of plastic and leave them overnight. Check for any condensation formed under the plastic. If you find condensation, then the surface is not properly sealed and you need to seal all the cracks before using concrete paint.
Epoxy paint can be used to beautify various concrete surfaces; but what about exterior painting for the outer surfaces of the house? The exterior also requires the best paint to remain strong and beautiful. When it comes to an outdoor concrete paint, it is important to use the one which is weather-proof.

Masonry Paints

Masonry paints can also be used for painting surfaces like asbestos, shingles, concrete and stucco. While most masonry paints are latex based, some are also acrylic. Latex based masonry paints require a special primer to stick to the surface effectively.
A coat of block filler must be applied to rough concrete surfaces. For a proper application on the exterior surface, first the cracks must be filled and then the paint should be applied.

Gutter Paints

You can use both latex and oil paints for concrete gutters. Make sure you clean the gutter from inside and outside before applying any paint. You can also fill up the various cracks by adding some sand to the paint and applying it.
You can create a lot of beautiful designs on concrete surfaces with the help of paint. You can use a number of colors for painting concrete which will make the surface appear perfect. Painting concrete indoors is simple enough and does not require any professional help. Although, it is advisable to contact a painter if you plan to paint exteriors.
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