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Best Colors to Paint a Home for Resale

Rimlee Bhuyan Jan 9, 2019
If you are thinking of selling off your home, then you no doubt want the best possible price. Painting your house in a pleasing color, both exterior and interior can help in getting you a great sale. But which paint colors can induce buyers to purchase your home?
Putting up a house for resale is a challenging work, what with choosing a trustworthy realtor's and doing any repair work in the house. As a seller, you will be looking to get the maximum money from your investment, and the best way to do this is to make sure that the house appeals to a larger section of buyers.
While you cannot change the architecture of the house, there are a few things that you can do to get a good sale. Painting the house in the right color scheme will help you in attracting customers to your home and also getting a great price.
A good paint job can help in boosting the resale value of your home, but the tricky part is knowing which are the best colors to paint a home for resale. Since there are so many shades of paint colors available in the market, most homeowners find it difficult to choose a particular color scheme.
To add to this confusion, you need to figure a pleasing color scheme not only for the interior of the home but also for the exteriors. To help you, here are some ideas about the best colors you can choose to paint your home with for resale.

Exterior House Painting Tips for Resale

The exterior of your house is the first thing that potential buyers notice when they enter your home. The colors that you choose for painting the exterior of your home, should complement the architectural features of your home. It should not be jarring and should blend well with the rest of the neighborhood.
If houses in your neighborhood are done up in dark and earthy neutral colors, then painting your home in bright shades will not attract potential buyers. Choose colors that are muted and earthy on exterior walls but make your home stand out by painting the trims and sidings in a bolder accent colors.
Exterior house colors like tan, beige, sand, taupe and gray are some of the best-selling paint colors that will appeal to a broader audience. For older homes that come with period architecture, preserving the integrity of the architecture is very important. So choose colors that enhance the architecture and help in retaining the grandiosity of such a house.

Interior House Painting Tips for Resale

For painting the interior of a house, most house agents suggest that you paint your home in a neutral and light color tone. This helps the potential buyers to visualize how they can enhance the space and make it their own. But don't go to the extreme and paint all the walls of your home in a boring beige color.
Color schemes should be pleasing to the eye, and not flat and one dimensional. Make sure that all the rooms of the house are painted in different colors which are in the same color family. Warm shades of yellow combined with light peach and off white gives the interiors warmth and character.
Cool shades like sea green and ice blue are great for guest bedrooms and living rooms since they give a calm and laid-back atmosphere to the room. Forest green and olive green are also a good bet for home interiors as they are harmonious and do not stand out or jar.
Finding the best colors to paint a home for resale might seem daunting. But you need to think of your home as a whole unit and try to put yourself in the buyers shoes. Paint colors that portray the look of a well-kept and tidy home is going to interest many buyers and fetch you a handsome check for your house.
Avoid colors like tomato red, maroon, neon green and electric blue since it might put off many buyers. A light color scheme for the interiors of a home interspersed with just the right amount of bolder color in trimmings are the best way to paint a home for resale.