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Berber Carpet Tiles

Berber carpet is a popular variety of carpets to decorate your home. Carpet tiles are also a universal favorite as they are available in a variety of colors.
Madhura Pandit
Carpets are a necessity in every home. Berber carpet is a type of carpet made of wool, nylon or olefin, having a characteristic looped design. They can be used in any room, office or even in your basement. But, remember that Berber carpet is meant only for indoor use. Berber carpet tiles are available in peel and stick variety. They can be easily installed at home. However, they also tend to wear out due to friction.
Berber carpet comes in myriad of colors, ranging from soft light colors to dark hues. The off-white is the most common and characteristic color. Light colored Berber carpeting creates a fresh look to your room, although darker colors are also a favorite. These carpet tiles are stain resistant and durable. Cheaper versions are also available in the market, but, they are not durable. Many people use the terms Berber carpets and Berber rugs interchangeably. But, remember that they are different.
Wool Berber Carpet
Those made of wool are very expensive, hence, rarely used. Carpets made of nylon and olefin are commonly used these days. If you have the authentic wool Berber carpet, it is advisable to protect it from high heels, nails, and sharp claws of your pets. These carpets tend to snag quicker than the other types of carpets.
Cleaning a wool Berber carpet is also more difficult than cleaning a nylon or olefin-made carpet. You should never wash it in very hot water as it will shrink. Also, do not use harmful or harsh chemicals. You must use only those products that are recommended for cleaning a wool Berber carpet.
Cleaning Berber carpets made of nylon or olefin is a lot easier. But, remember not to wet the carpet completely as it will take a lot of time to dry. Instead try to clean it with a stain remover. Vacuuming is a great and the only suitable option. When the carpet stains, immediately clean the stain with detergent or a cloth. You have to first find out exactly the material used in your carpet, only then use different methods of cleaning it. Dark-colored carpets have an advantage as they do not need frequent cleaning as compared to the light-colored ones.
Berber Carpet Repair
As mentioned above, Berber carpets tend to snag. Even after following all the preventive measures, if your carpet snags, try to repair it with these methods. In case of larger snags, cut the affected area. You can replace it with a new piece of the exactly similar size, color, and shape. If it is a small protuberance, you can make use of glue to stick the threads back. Smaller snags can also be sewed back with a needle. You can even remove and replace the entire tile if it cannot be repaired. As Berber carpet tiles are available in peel and stick variety, this can be easily done. In case of a hopeless situation, you can always rely on professionals to help you.
These carpet tiles are soft to tread on. As they are available in a variety of colors, you can match Berber carpets with all the accessories or furniture in your room. It will be beneficial to have these carpet tiles in your child's room, as they are easy to clean and are also long-lasting. If you are planning to decorate your home, you should definitely opt for Berber carpets.
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